Episode 14 – The Villain Episode

What makes a character a villain? Is it the way they talk? Is it solely the sum of their actions? Perhaps it is the podcast they record?

Whatever the case may be, this week the Somethings talk about their favorite villains from all ends of media. From the darkest Sith on the block to the only man that can best Holmes, there is nothing that makes a hero more than his nemesis.

Ok, here we go…

Full Episode

Parts on hold until someone tells me they use them. 

Author: RevVoice

2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – The Villain Episode

  1. Those Sprint commercials w/ Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones are sheer genious. Won’t make me switch to Sprint, but who cares? Every time I see one I gotta back it up to the beginning and watch it completely through at least twice.

  2. One I didn’t think of until after listening… Mumm-ra from the Thundercats. So evil he couldn’t even handle looking at himself!

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