Episode 16 – Harold Ramis

So for the first time in the Somethingcast’s long and sordid catalog, we take a look on the career of Harold Ramis, whom the world was sad to have lost this passed year.  It is easy to say and recognize that without the work and stylings of Mr. Ramis, we would have a lot less funny things to talk about.

Share and enjoy! (Since you’re asking, that’s a Multiplicity joke)

Ok, here we go…

Full Episode

Parts on hold until someone tells me they use them. 

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3 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Harold Ramis

    1. Once was bad. I’ve had to sit through it twice. Since then, any time someone goes ‘OH WE GOT A REAL STINKER’ I say with a twitch, ‘its not Space Thunder Kids…. …is it?’

  1. As fr as the Ghosbuster quote/unquote “controversy” you mentioned on this episodes… (according to a Wikipedia)

    When Columbia Pictures started producing the film Ghostbusters in 1984, it neglected the fact that Filmation had already produced a live-action comedy series with that same name in 1975. Columbia agreed to license the name from Filmation for $500,000 plus 1% of the profits (of which there were none). Since Columbia didn’t want to license Filmation the rights to the movie Ghostbusters when they were looking to produce an animated series, Filmation produced an animated version of their live-action TV show. Columbia proceeded to name their cartoon show The Real Ghostbusters to directly distinguish it from the Filmation show.

    Filmation had even gone as far as to attempt to work with Columbia Pictures and had completed initial design work for a cartoon to be based on the movie. Columbia changed its mind, deciding not to work with Filmation, and the proposed deal fell through (Columbia worked with DiC instead). Filmation’s Lou Scheimer later admitted “We should have asked for the animation rights for their (Columbia’s) Ghostbusters as part of the settlement.”This prompted Filmation to create the cartoon based on its former live-action series.

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