[BLOG] Hatton Talks Royal Rumble 2024

Oh it’s Royal Rumble time – and I don’t wax poetic about wrestling a lot on here. Hell, I don’t even watch a lot of wrestling anymore. I do, though, keep up with the goings on of the men who fight in underwear for the right to wear a belt.

This weekend is the best event of the year – the Royal Rumble. 30 people go in the ring and at the end one person stands tall and goes to Wrestlemania to fight one of the champs. So let’s break down the expectations vs. who I want.

The Men’s Rumble

FAVORITES: The favorites of the Rumble are CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, two men who, not long ago, were in a different company. I give WWE all the credit in the world for accepting that these two guys have remade their names elsewhere and – as any big monolith does – swept in with big money to use them before their heat is down.

Cody – The problem I have with Cody winning is that I honestly just don’t like him. I think he comes across as smug and ‘I know I’m amazing’ and it bugs me.
Punk – My problem with Punk is that I loathe big name people coming in and sweeping the spots away from the performers that have been sweating in that ring for the last few years. How long has Chad Gable been in WWE? Damien Priest? Finn Balor? They get to constantly wait in a line that never gets any shorter as old guard shows back up.

WHO I WANT: There is one man that has been the VIP of wrestling for the last couple of years. His presentation, his style, his intensity, and even his promo work. That man is Gunther. He has earned his spot at the top of the pile.. and you can say ‘His time is coming’ – I say, no. His time should be now.

The Women’s Rumble

FAVORITES: There is a lot of wiggle room for some surprise in the Women’s Rumble, as there are mainstay favorites and very little chance that someone is going to come out of nowhere. The Bellas are gone and Charlotte is injured. There is one name that could swoop in..

Jade Cargill – She’s been waiting in the wings for her moment to shine, and there is every chance in the world she will be the surprise #30 to introduce her to the WWE world. I don’t want her for the exact same reasons I don’t want Punk. She just got there…
Becky Lynch – I love Becky, but she has won it already. She can make her way to Wrestlemania and pick her opponent without a problem. There is a bigger set of fireworks for her at the end, but the fact is she is going to be in the title picture no matter what, so why not tell a different story.

WHO I WANT: Fact is, the person I want is in the top considerations. Bayley. She has dealt through injury, the Rhonda years, and has simply been the workhorse of the women’s division. In one swoop you can give one of the Four Horsewomen their flowers, turn her face again, and say thank you to a woman who loves wrestling more than most.

So that’s it. Who’s your pick? Let us know in all the places.

Author: RevVoice