[BLOG] PCR talks about The Demise of Physical Media

Hey Somethings, Podcast Rob here…
There’s been a disturbing trend as of late of physical media. Going away. From retailers no longer carrying DVDs, to the video game industry openly embracing cloud gaming and downloadable games, it seems like the days of physically owning your gaming and movie content are going by the wayside.  Personally, I’ve never been a quote” collector… Sure. I’ve owned DVDs, but never with the intent. Purpose of collecting them. As far as gaming goes, whenever I had my consoles, I never had more than two to three games per console… Mostly due to cost…. And now that I’m a PC gamer, all of my games are downloadable. Anyway, either steam or epic games or Xbox Game pass.
That said, it’s fairly disturbing to hear. Video game companies say that gamers are going to have to get used to buying games but not really owning them. When a company can just turn off access to a game that you’ve paid 50, 60, $70 or more for, that just sounds unconscionable.  I can understand paying a monthly fee to Netflix or Max or Paramount Plus and one month the streaming service says well. We’re no longer carrying this movie. But for a company to say this thing that you have explicitly bought access to you no longer have access to just seems like theft.
Author: Podcast Rob