[BLOG] Hatton On X-Men 97…

If you weren’t aware, Marvel has dropped their new trailer for X-Men 97′ – a relaunch of the classic Fox Kids cartoon that introduced me to my favorite team of mutants. If you haven’t seen it, take a minute and go watch it, otherwise this makes no sense.

First, I have to give Diz credit – we are obviously moving to the next generation of Marvel Movies with Fantastic Four, Deadpool 3, and an inevitable trip to Graymalkin Lane (that’s where the X-Men live) – and they decided to start this journey with a retro Wolverine or two in Deadpool and a reminder of who the X-Men are at their core. It’s a bold move, Cotton, but it’s going to work. The brilliant thing they did though, is they have made the cartoon look as close to the old animation as they could. In a world of high def television with high refresh rates.. they went out of their way to make a show where you can count the frames. It’s an inspired choice to make old assholes like me feel like a kid again.

I could tell, just from the few shots, that they’re going to do a few specific stories. (At the very least, The Trial of Magneto) But – and this is what is going to make me run to the tv.. as they have proven with WHAT IF… there is a chance that this show is going to tie to the greater Marvel U somehow. Maybe it will have a multiverse clash with X-Men: Evolution. Maybe in the last episode the Time Agents will appear and shut the whole thing down. I don’t know – but for the first time in the last few years of Marvel, I am excited to find out.

Did you check out the trailer, sound off in all the places!

Author: RevVoice