[BLOG] Hatton’s Favorite Mania Matches…

It’s the last blog before April – and aside from it being James Hatton Appreciation Month – it is also time yet again for the Superbowl of grappling – Wrestlemania!

Now, at the moment, there are some big shaking going on in the squared circle. The Rock is on television again. The two night event is going on in Philly so it’s guaranteed if they don’t put on a good show they’ll have batteries thrown at them from the rafters while Gritty screams ‘E C DUB’ – but I wanted to throw out some of my favorite matches of Manias ever. Oh, and this isn’t the only wrestling content you’ll be seeing from us this month.

KOFI-MANIAKofi Kingston v. Daniel Bryan – This is a bit of a biased pick because I was there for this one. Yes, we were hanging off of the ‘G’ in Giants stadium, but I saw when Kofi Kingston beat Daniel Bryan at what felt like 4am at Wrestlemania 35.  I love Kofi Kingston and seeing a build around a guy who has deserved it for too too long made me thrilled to be there for one of the most heartfelt in-ring moments that’s ever closed out a Wrestlemania. I don’t get emotional about wrestling, but watching Xavier Woods in tears of joy … it makes a guy a lil dusty.

THE AYO-TOLLAH & THE TEA CUPChris Jericho v. Stephen Regal – Mania X7 is considered by many, if not most, the greatest Mania ever.. and sure, it’s got Rock/Austin 2 and Hunter v Taker… but how come nobody talks about two of the best ringworkers of the day. General Manager Regal fights Y2J over, if memory serves, pissing in his teapot.  That doesn’t matter – what does is the fact that Regal holds absolutely nothing back, reversing the Walls into a Stretch, and chopping the snot out of Jericho in a way Gunther would be proud of.

RATED R FOR FIRE – Mick Foley v. Edge – I am an unabashed huge Edge fan. I never expected he would get the launch he did into main event status until this match. Both men go out there to prove that they can hang, but for different reasons. Edge goes and puts on a hardcore performance that rarely ever gets seen on a Mania and Foley shows that even though he is on the last steps of his in-ring career, with the right motivation, he is a legend for a reason. It’s brutal in ways you forget until you see it again.

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT WRESTLEMANIA 5… Ok, fine, I guess people do because the Mega-somethings exploded – but people don’t discuss the stars of Wrestlemania V.  The tag teams. There are two tag matches in the midst of Mania 5.

First Demolition v Powers of Pain and.. ok, fine, it’s a by-the-numbers tag match with the addition of Mr. Fuji, but it is Demolition at their biggest and best – BUT! And I say this with absolutely no sarcasm:

Strike Force v. Brain Busters is an amazing match. It’s forgotten because it is more gimmick with Martel turning coat – but everything up until that moment was on its way to being a real classic. Watch the fluid exchanges between Tito Santana and Arn Anderson and you can see what this match wanted to become. Even after Martel splits, Tito fights back and for a very brief moments you think he might be able to pull it off.  Then again…..

So what are your favorite forgotten Mania matches – sound off in all the places!


Author: RevVoice