Episode 12 – The Holidays!

♫ Deck the halls and start the podcast
(falalalala – lala la la)
Nothing really rhymes with podcast
(falalalala – lala la la)
Prepare yourself for another show
(falalalala – lala la la)
As we say – all right, here we go… ♫

Happy Holidays from us to you:

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6 thoughts on “Episode 12 – The Holidays!

  1. It dawned upon me today that “12 episodes” means we’ve been at this for 6 months now. Thanks to all those who listen, comment, critique and compose to help make our podcast better with each episode! – PR

  2. Thanks for skipping the Dr. Who spoilers (btw, it was Kylie Minogue in the Christmas episode).

    Santa the movie was my favorite for about twenty years, which spans the time since I first saw it as a kid and loved it, to the time I saw it again and realized it was garbage.

    I actually leave Christmas Shoes on, but mentally sing lyrics to the sequel, where the kid tries to return the shoes, because he doesn’t uh, need them anymore. I figure the only defense is to make the song sadder and more depressing.

  3. on holiday parties: At the place I work, the caliber of the holiday party has always reflected the general health of the office at large. The slow erosion of benefits and morale can be clearly mapped by the ongoing death of each subsequent holiday party.

    It was even better before I joined but here’s the progression since I’ve been there:
    1st year: Holiday weekend getaway to a 5-star hotel w/ indoor water park
    2nd year: Swank affair locally at a prominent hotel w/open bar
    3rd year: Not so swank affair at the hotel across the street w/ 1 drink max.
    4th year: Paid holiday luncheon (on site), catered, with raffle gifts
    5th year: Unpaid holiday luncheon (on site), catered, with raffle gifts

    Looking back, it still seems okay. But what’s missing in the list is the feeling of merriment vs. mildly enforced corporate mirth. For example, this year’s festivities would’ve been decorationless if we hadn’t taken the initiative and brought decorations from home. It all seems like a vain attempt to stem the feeling of foreboding the new year will undoubtedly bring.

    So you can see why maybe I look outside of the office for Holiday cheer…

  4. Skinny Elvis also gave us “Clam Bake”, so… it’s a push in my book.

    “Clam bake gunna have a calm bake clam bake” (repeat until someone kills someone. With authority.)

  5. Happy Holidays from the pocket dimension Rob accidentally left open on his way back to righting the ship! 😉

    Be good, everyone, and here’s to a HAPPY 2014!!

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