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Episode 105 – Vampire Movies w/ Megan Salinas

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The rules you need to know:
– You have to invite them in
– You’ll never see them in front of a mirror
– If you stake them, they will die
– Go sparingly on the garlic

I am course am talking about the Somethings, who are back with an episode about the monster movie’verses grand pappy of em all, the Vampire!

We are in the horrortastic best month of the year when it comes to popping on your favorite fright fest and that’s exactly what we decided to do with the batty, glittery, dark lords of the macbre. So settle in for this spooktacular movie party with AfterBuzzTV and Silver Scream’s own Megan Salinas (@themenguin) to bring her horror loving pedigree to add in to our own.

Know what I hate about these podcasts… too many damn vampires.

Ok, here we ghoul!

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Episode 80 – Zombie Survival Team

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The Somethings decided that since it is the scaaaarrriest of holidays, we would go and give you a treat and not a trick this year, by releasing tomorrow’s episode for you today.  That way you can enjoy our spooooooky conversation while you are out haunting around.

So what is this episode about?  Well – take your top four fictional characters that you want by your side during the zombie apocalypse.  We take one from movies. One from television. One from book fiction. One wildcard.  And then we decide who would survive.

Now, you have to figure that James and Podcast Rob are both going to think their team is the strongest, so they got themselves a judge to solve who’s team is the best of the best.  None other than friend of the show, horror afficienado, from the Supernatural Department at Head Over Feels, Dawn!

So we know you are going to disagree with us… which means you should start a discussion below!

Ok, here we boo! (get it? ..because it’s… right.. you get it.. nevermind)

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Episode 73 – Alien Movies

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The Somethings are looking up to the heavens and hoping to catch a glimpse of something interstellar.

That’s right, we’re heading to the stars and it doesn’t matter if it’s little green men, crazy overly huge spaceships, the greys, or one naked hot blonde chick.. now that the aliens are here, we are going to discuss the hell out of them.

But what are two men versus the hordes of intergalactic perils that await us?

We brought back-up.  Joining us are the boys from Alien Theorist Theorizing. If there is going to be any show out there that can help, it will be them.

What’s your favorite alien invasion – or simply your favorite alien – let us know… but do it after you have a close encounter with the Something kind.

Sometimes the remake is better than the original.

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Episode 68 – Post-Apocalyptic TV

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The time is a day after tomorrow… the place… Somethingville.

Was it the bombs that dropped?  Or the plague that killed all the men?  Perhaps it was the Zeds?

We don’t know – all we know is it makes for some interesting television. The Somethings and special guest Alexis Torres from AfterBuzzTV and Black Hollywood Live delve into a small niche realm of shows that all seem to start right after the big whatever hits.

Also, be sure to check out our blogpost review of Anime FanFest

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Episode 31 – Creature Features

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We’re only a few short days from Halloween, so it is time for the Somethings to start looking under their bed, making sure that the doors are locked, and to seriously stop summoning the dark lords of the Underworld.

That’s right, to celebrate the haunting season, the boys are talking about some of their favorite movie creatures.  In the past they have talked about some of their favorite movies – but what about the dark creatures that linger in their favorite films?  From the biggest supernatural baddies to the creepiest of crawlies and all creatures in between… get ready – they’re hanging out at Wild Pig Comics and making podcast ‘magic”

Ok, here we ghoul…

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Episode 5 – Zombies!

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What happens when you take two vaguely interesting podcast hosts and pitch them into the zombie apocalypse? Oh, you are about to find out.. a’live on the top of a building in the middle of central New Jersey – the STCast decides there is no better time to inform you about the wild wonderful world of zombs.

Will the boys, and guest Roxy of Awesome: The Podcast, Punch & Pie, survive? YOU MUST LISTEN!

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