Episode 5 – Zombies!

What happens when you take two vaguely interesting podcast hosts and pitch them into the zombie apocalypse? Oh, you are about to find out.. a’live on the top of a building in the middle of central New Jersey – the STCast decides there is no better time to inform you about the wild wonderful world of zombs.

Will the boys, and guest Roxy of Awesome: The Podcast, Punch & Pie, survive? YOU MUST LISTEN!

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Author: RevVoice

1 thought on “Episode 5 – Zombies!

  1. Great podcast!…

    …and Jersey WILL survive this. The bad news is that we’ll then be inundated, for at least a year, with “Stronger than the zoms” commercials while we rebuild.

    Meanwhile, you MUST see Warm Bodies. It’s my favorite zombie movie of all time, if you don’t count Deadites as zombies, and you are wrong about why R is in love with her, but I wouldn’t want to spoil that for you.

    If you DO count Deadites as zombies, even though they are smart and fast and can even communicate, then I think you must also count Reavers, so Serenity would be my fave, though I’d never thought of it as a zombie movie before now. And you did mention it on the show.

    There’s more I can say, but there’s a strange scraping sound at my basement window- gotta look into that. Peace.

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