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[ELEVATOR PITCH] The Next MCU Phase (w/ Tim Stevens)

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We’re back in the Elevator and it wouldn’t be right to leave without visiting one of the greatest guests of Somethingcast history – the man whose guest appearances now achieves double digits. The comic guru, the writing wizard, the beef that is.. Tim ‘Ungajje’ Stevens.

Tim is here to judge what he thinks the best call is for the next phase of the MCU. Will it be those rascally mutants? Galactus? Shao Khan whining? It could be anything!

After you’re done with us here, make sure you go and check out all of Tim’s work and at his Linktree, or go and read his regular entertainment pieces over at TheSpool.net.

Thanks for being with us along the ride Tim, but now the hardest decision of your life, Elevator Pitch: The Next Phase of the MCU.

Okay here we go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Theme Restaurant w/ Matt & Becky

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It’s time again for the Somethings to head to Big Money Tower – what are we pitching this time? THEME RESTAURANTS.. and no, we don’t mean we’re going to put local sports teams on the wall and random bric-a-brac we found at the thrift. We’re going all out with full immersion experiences looking for that big check.

And who is providing the big check this week? Well, none other than two of our favorite people, of Pre-Recorded Live, it’s Matt & Becky!

If you are in the Ohio area, you should check out Mysteries Ink where the pair are part of a murder… most… foul.

Before that though, settle in as we wine and dine these two and see which one of us wins Elevator Pitch: Theme Restaurant

Ok, here w- wait are we splitting the check?

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2023 Holiday Party w/ACPN!

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By Tiny Tim’s Little Crutches, it’s a Christmas Miracle!

It’s also what we do every year, but that doesn’t matter, it’s NEW SOMETHING STUFF…

So who is joining us in for our giant glass of Nog and talking Christmas fun?  Why it is the collection of wonderful personage we’ve become friends with on our podcasting journey from ACPNET.NET. John, Jason, and Matt are all hanging with us and bringing the Christmas Something along with them.

One note – I do apologize for my audio, as with all multi-guest episodes, audio mixing sometimes becomes a bit of an unkillable monster.

That said – Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.

Ok, here we Ho Ho Hooooo…

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The Somethings at PAX – The Interviews

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Surprise number two!  The Somethings went to PAX: UNPLUGGED and put on their best nerd swag and rolled dice for two days.  Well, along the way, we got a chance to do some interviews too!

As promised, here are our interviews with Vaikin Kansepts, Meredith Placko, and Gamey – and we thank them tremendously for the time they gave us in a place where every person is vying for their time.

One note – we are live in a convention hall, so the audio quality does dip at places. We’ve done our best to adjust accordingly, but we will keep that in mind for where ever our next adventure takes us, and we appreciate your understanding.

With that said – Happy Holidays Somethings, please settle in and enjoy PAX:Unplugged – The Interviews!

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[THE WHEEL] Elevator Pitch: Horror Movie (w. Vanessa Guerrero)

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The Wheel is back.  The Wheel? You ask. Yes, the completely real creation of Swedish technology that determines what we are doing on any given episode.

..and this time it brought a guest!

Imagine the Somethings each get just one chance to pitch something, while the top CEO with all of the big spending dollars is forced to listen to them. One of them will get bankrolled to have their idea go to market. The other.. well, the other got that free elevator ride.

This week’s CEO Mogul Du Jour is the fantabulous Vanessa Guerrero.  You may have seen her on G4, or know her from Game Grumps – or maybe you have checked out her podcast Popcorn & Pixels (and if not, you should!)

Who is going to the top floor? Only one way to find out…

Ok, here we girl from ipanima…

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Biggest Audience Pops (w. Tim Stevens)

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What is a ‘pop’?

In professional wrestling terms, it’s the moment the crowd goes nuts. Maybe they’re cheering – maybe they’re booing, but there is a moment in a movie where the audience is so emotionally invested they can’t help but be there.

We’re talking about those moments.. but not alone! We are joined by long time SomethingFriend, Tim Stevens. You may know Tim from his time writing for any number of fantastic websites about the world of comics and pop culture. These days you can find him on TheSpool.net as well as The Wealth of Geeks. He’s also one bad shut yo mouth.

You ready to laugh? Ready to cheer? Ready to catch the ball to win the big game? Prepared to listen to a podcast you can’t help, but scream at?

Ok, here we OOOOoooh!

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[FIXED] Movies That Replaced Actors (w/ Cthulu’s Prodigy)

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It has to be hard to make a sequel to a movie. Aside from trying to recapture the magic of the first one, you have to get this legion of performers to come back and find a perfect time where they aren’t working on other things… or, you know, you could just ditch em.

Actors are replaced in movies for a myriad of reasons, some tragic, some hysterical – so settle in as we discuss some of our favorite and least favorite replacements in film.  We’re not going alone though – we are thrilled to have Cthulu’s Prodigy from Blacker Than Black Times Infinity to talk the movie talk with us. Make sure to give them a listen and tell em the Somethings sent ya.

Ok, here we .. ok, well not ‘we’ since we had to replace both hosts .. go!

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2022 Holiday Party

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It’s a yearly tradition – the Somethings gather some of our friends and we have ourselves a big ol’ hangout. No lists. No reviews. Just talking holidays, nostalgia, and the subtle descension of our minds into an internet-addicted dystopia.

The best of the holidays, am I right?

So please, settle in as Rob & Hatton, Awesome Talk’s Rick & Sarah, and Matt & Becky of PreRecLive all make with the merry .. oh, and there may be a special guest who was unable to join us, but still found a way to interject in his own Marcus’y way.

From all of us to all of you – Thank you for being with us and we hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Ok here we go ho ho!

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[THE WHEEL] Elevator Pitch: Disaster Movie (w/ Crystal Storm)

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The Wheel is a neverending mistress, always spinning, always providing. It is the alpha, the omega, and what decides our fate. We are but pawns in its sometimes brilliant, sometimes cruel decisions.

Today, the Wheel spins yet again, and the Somethings are confronted with their biggest disaster yet – plotting their own elevator pitch for a Disaster Film!

To join them on this harrowing adventure, they have called in the source of Crystal’s Imagination, Crystal Storm!

So settle in, hold your loved ones tight, and dodge the falling meteors, it’s Elevator Pitch: Disaster Movie!

Ok, here we woooaaahhh, was that a tremor? I felt a tremor…

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Year 9 – Video Game Remakes w/ Cthulhu’s Prodigy

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First off – it is Year 9.  Every year, the Somethings celebrate another year closer to the heat death of the universe with a celebration of all things Something. To start us off on our anniversary (which, if you look up is the pod-ery anniversary….. get it?) we have joined forces with a friend of the show of years upon years – Cthulu’s Prodigy (@cthulhusprodigy) from Blacker than Black Times Infinity (@bthanbti)

What are we going to talk about – video games!  What games though? What about games that you think deserve another lease on life? Another chance at stardom?  Games that you think the world wants to see again… or, maybe just you do – either way, we are tackling gaming remakes we want, even if you don’t.

Let the celebration begin!

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