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Bad ‘Book to Movie’ Movies

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Sometimes, a good movie comes out and you find out that it came from a book! Sometimes it goes an entire other way – where you see a movie and you wonder what kind or source material could have birthed such madness… or the worst of the worst… you love the book, and the movie you get doesn’t even come close to the experience you had with words on paper.

Those are the ones we’re talking about today – movies that nobody would mind if we got a re-try on. Movies that just didn’t do any of their words justice and the things we love and hate about them.

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Ok, here we snow! (a day early!)

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SciFi Books

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The Somethings love television shows and movies, but did you know that Hatton and PCR are also …. literate?

So we’re heading up into that great space station in the sky and going through the Hitchhiker’s Guide to talk about our favorite science fiction books. From space battles to samurai and every cyborg in between.

If you are looking for a suggestion for some fun futuristic reads, then this is the perfect place to go.

Also – tonight (11/05/19) at 9pm we’ll be recording an episode love on Twitch – we would love to see you there! Find us on: twitch.tv/somethingsomethingcast

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 18 – Horror Authors

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Once upon an evenings podcast, joined with Dawn, our female bombast,
Going over authors from forgotten times of yore.
As we do we talked and stumbled, sometimes yelled and sometimes mumbled,
trying to sound professional but forgetting things we knew before.
Discussing writers that made us scream, in fear of some horrible demon
From the lowest to the King..
…only this and.. uhm… somethingsomething…

We want to thank Dawn from Bookshelf Bombshells and Head Over Feels for shouldering the majority of this episode with her well read sexiness!

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Update: We are now available on iTunes!  THAT’S RIGHT, Mr. Ichabod Tunes called me and verified we are official.  Thanks to friend Ty for getting us up.

Episode 7 – Dan Brown

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Follow the clues. First the man pointing at the computer. Next, the folder marked STSTCast. Within it lies files, so many files. At minute 34:31 there is a sound.. does that sound mean something? Is it important? What does all this have to do with the original soundtrack to Starlight Express and its Masonic imagery?!?!

The answers are (clearly nowhere) within the SomethingSomethingCast!

Proving that the boys can read – they dive into the bibliography of one Mister Dan Brown and what is it about this guy that they keep enjoying?

Thoughts? Let us know!

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Episode 3 – Book To Film

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On our first and only ever third episode, the SSC proves that we are well read by talking about the shows and movies that have been taken from book and put to film. There is way too much for us to cover, so we glance over popular things and discuss what we like.


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