Episode 7 – Dan Brown

Follow the clues. First the man pointing at the computer. Next, the folder marked STSTCast. Within it lies files, so many files. At minute 34:31 there is a sound.. does that sound mean something? Is it important? What does all this have to do with the original soundtrack to Starlight Express and its Masonic imagery?!?!

The answers are (clearly nowhere) within the SomethingSomethingCast!

Proving that the boys can read – they dive into the bibliography of one Mister Dan Brown and what is it about this guy that they keep enjoying?

Thoughts? Let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Dan Brown

      1. Also, this had been bugging me all night.

        I remembered where I saw that image of the people sitting around it talking. It was from “Homeland”, not reading it in Digital Fortress. I had to figure that out, it was driving me crazy!

  1. Didn’t care too much for Deception Point, Lost Symbol, or Inferno.

    Deception Point has them falling off an ice shelf into the ocean and surviving, which is by far the most ridiculous thing Brown has ever written, which is saying a lot.

    In Lost Symbol, after the fake drowning, the villain basically said, “I only pretended to kill you, NOW I’m going kill you.” But it was the first book where the friendly guy wasn’t the bad guy in the end, though I guessed the twist by the middle of the book. I almost didn’t finish that one though, because if I read “Know ye not that ye are gods?” one more time, I was going to burn the damn thing.

    Inferno ended up being more of a con story. It didn’t follow the Brown cookie cutter, and in the process proved he should stick to following it.

  2. Sharing “that” corner o the desk with “Anals and Demons” are the fine works “DaVini Coed” and “The Lust Symbol”.

    Veering on topic a second (apologies): After the third book, I realized the only way I could preserve the fun I had reading thus far was to quit reading Dan Brown books altogether. In that way, the experience wasn’t further diluted and I didn’t get to Rob’s level of disillusionment.

    Now that that’s out of the way: James, I spit out my free horrible coffee over your rendition of the Vanilla Ice/Queen sampling litigation. So thanks for that. To be fair, the difference was even less than what you sang. I’m self editing the rest of this topic, so you’re welcome.

    Fear of Plaid. I have that. It should be a thing. I’m going to use it for my next album title.


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