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We did it! We got through December, and even as you read this, Rob and I are getting ready for 2022 episodes… so as we say good-bye to this year that was, overall, a year that occurred – let me just throw a couple of things out there. 
1 – Thank you to each and every one of you that have joined us on our podcasting journey
2 – Thank you Rob for keeping me on track in all things Something. 

Now, let’s get to my last retroepisode, which isn’t too Retro, but I couldn’t do a list of my favorite episodes without revisiting the little ball of hate that this episode brought to life. It is the Review of ‘Cecil Hotel’ a Netflix documentary that .. well.. it spawned some opinions.  From March 9th, 2021 – The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, enjoy!

Our original post:
Do you dig murder?  I mean… not like that… but do you find yourself mindlessly addicted to documentaries about the horrible things that horrible people do to people?

Yeah, look, we all do. That said, there is a new one on Netflix, but the results aren’t precisely what you think they are. The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel takes a police procedural documentary and turns it on its ear with the focus moving from the important facts of the case and sliding on over to an entirely different topic.  

Is it good? Is it worth it? We have opinions…. oh boy, do we. And once you are done, be certain to check out Hatton’s article on Vocal.Media

Okaaaay here we go!

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We are winding down our Retrocast Party, but we have this one and one more… and they are some doozies!  First off, Rob has chosen an episode where we tried something a little different, stick around though, the second half of the episode reveals all. It is a favorite for everyone except for those that have never seen the curvature of the globe… it’s Flat Earth, from April 30th 2019.

Our original post:
In the last month or two a documentary came out talking about one of the strangest theories of the last couple decades.. is it a sign that perhaps we were wrong about the make up of our universe or is it the inevitable problem of what happens when everybody finds a friend on the internet?

Well, join Podcast Rob and Hatton on Episode 134as they deep dive into the documentary Behind The Curve, available on Netflix, which discusses the possibility that this planet we all know and love (planet here meaning a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star.)

Two other notes – first, the end song of today’s show is “Turtles All The Way Down” by New Jersey legends A Halo Called Fred. You can find the whole song right here. And their YouTube Channel right here! Thanks for the assist, you crazy kids!

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[NEW!] Christmas Party 2021

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First – this is not, I repeat, not a RetroSomething… this is an all-new, all-special, all-Friday, all-Yuletide festive party.  Since it’s Christmas Eve, we thought we would let you unwrap a gift first – and it is the gift of Something!  

This year, we gathered with Rick & Sarah from Awesome Talk TV – we got Jeof Vita from Kung-fu Drive-In – and we got Becky & Matt from Pre-Rec Live all hanging out and talking about how the year 2021 has gone, the entertainment we ingest every holiday season, and how we, as a people, are all doomed….  You know, the sort of light stuff you can tinsel your tree with. 

So please, settle in with some nog and your newly unwrapped certificate to the jelly-o-the-month club (it’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark) and celebrate your festivus spirit with the rest of us for this Somethingcast Traditional Christmas Roundtable, 2021 Edition!

Ok, here we go Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…

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[RETROSOMETHING] Christmas Party 2016


Sometimes the holidays are about gathering those that you care about and sharing in the festive season of giving… sometimes it’s about getting a bunch of your idiot friends together and throwing potshots while your one weird Uncle won’t shut up about how his E-Meter has discovered a record number of Thetans…. you get to decide what happened to us back in 2016 with our ‘Inside Joke: Outside Voice’ podcast party. 

Our original post:

♫ Oh you better watch out..
You better not cry…
You better listen to this episode
Or not.. whatever, I’m not your HR Rep 

Joining us from the IJOV – we have Marcus from Deadpan Fury, we have Eric from Two-Legged Tie, and we have Tony from Nyrdcast – and we decide to have ourselves a little Christmas Party.  What goes on from there is… well.. I would love to say it is an episode about our favorite Christmas memories and shows and movies, but it isn’t… it’s almost better.  It’s a bunch of idiots getting together and spreading some holiday buffoonery.

So enjoy everyone – and from Rob & Hatton, have a happy holidays.

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We’re on our third Friday in December – and that means it is another RetroSomething! 

This time we are jumping back to 2015.. a year from a land between studios, which is why the sound quality is so iffy.  I do apologize for that.. but that said, we are delving into the television shows that we may not apologize for – but we totally don’t talk about.  It’s Episode 45, Guilty Pleasure TV!

Our original post:
How many times have you found yourself, maybe late at night, flipping through channels and you end up on a show you would never really admit that you watched?  

Now how many of those shows have you gone back for seconds on?  Nobody in the SomethingStudio is going to judge that you know the price of everything down the meat aisle because you’ve watched Supermarket Sweep.  We can’t mock you because you have invested a notable portion of your life to seeing every episode of Cleopatra 2525.

Why?  Because we have lists just like that. So join us won’t you and discover a wonderful world of what the Somethings do when nobody’s looking… WE MEAN TV, WEIRDOS!

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[RETROSOMETHING] Hanging w/ Ralph Garman


Of course if we’re doing some of our favorite episodes – we couldn’t leave out the King of the Schmoes, Viewaskew’in, voice-acting, Ralph Garman!  So please settle in as we spend an hour talking with Ralph about his career and try not to sound like gushing fanboys.

Our original post:

After our Anniversary.
After our 100th Episode.

How could we put icing on that cake?

Oh, we got ourselves a badass guest to hangout with for a little while. Who, you may ask? Why Ralph Garman, co-host of the Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin Smith, actor in a lot of stuff you’ve seen, as well as the host of one of our personal favorite shows, The Joe Schmo Show!

So settle in and enjoy the conversation, and do yourself a favor and follow @RalphGarman on Twitter and Instagram to continue following his adventures and all of the big life changes in store for him now that we’ve hijacked his brain. And be sure to look out for him on Seth MacFarlane’s new sci-fi show, The Orville.

Ok, here we go!

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It’s Friday – and you know what that means.. another RetroSomething, and this episode takes us back to talking about well… the people in this world that got the worst possible end, but damn is it funny.  So join us as we revisit: The Snopes List!

We originally said:

NoteIf you share this post, Mark Zuckerberg will bake you a turkey dinner.

Every day of every social media person’s life, you are hit with a thousand different pictures, memes, captions, and at least half of them are filled with bad information.  Well, the Somethings are going to inform you of a little website called SnopesNow, what this site does is… I know.. it’s crazy.. it debunks internet urban legends.

Every year they also do their best to tell you what the most popular b.s. was from the prior year.  So we’re going down the list and talking a little bit of the internet urban legends of 2015.  We go from Something to Serious to Seriously Creepy and back to Something.. this is a long strange journey. Buckle up!

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Did you listen last Friday? Well if you didn’t – you may be wondering what’s up? For December, the Somethings are taking their holiday, but to keep your brain hijacked, we are giving you two retro episodes a week as selected by the Somethings!

So join us as we picked our ‘Zombie Kill Team’

Our original post:


The Somethings decided that since it is the scaaaarrriest of holidays, we would go and give you a treat and not a trick this year, by releasing tomorrow’s episode for you today.  That way you can enjoy our spooooooky conversation while you are out haunting around. So what is this episode about?  Well – take your top four fictional characters that you want by your side during the zombie apocalypse.  We take one from movies. One from television. One from book fiction. One wildcard.  And then we decide who would survive. Now, you have to figure that James and Podcast Rob are both going to think their team is the strongest, so they got themselves a judge to solve who’s team is the best of the best.  None other than friend of the show, horror afficienado, from the Supernatural Department at Head Over Feels, Dawn!

So we know you are going to disagree with us… which means you should start a discussion below! Ok, here we boo! (get it? ..because it’s… right.. you get it.. nevermind)

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[RETROSOMETHING] Bad Movie Posters

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Happy Holidays everyone!

To give the Somethings a breather, and to give you twice the listening pleasure, for the month of December you get to roll back the clock with us as we look back at some of our favorite episodes of yore.

This week, travel with us to 2015 as we talk – Bad Movie Movie Posters!

Here’s what we said back then….

There is a little bit of movies that we sometimes overlook. No, it isn’t that your date keeps trying the hole in the popcorn trick and that you are starting to get worried about her.  It’s the poster. The first thing you sometimes see about a movie. The thing that is supposed to emblazen upon your mind that this movie will be here eventually.

Some are amazing. Some are horrible. Some things are repeated ovvver and ovvver… so join in with the Somethings as we talk about movie poster tropes and themes that we have just seen too much.

Ok, here we go.

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November 2021 Free-For-All

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Oh my… wait… didn’t we say last week was the last episode? I mean, it was The End — but, there are 5 Tuesdays in November this year!?  What do we do?

We do a Free-For-All, that’s what.  If you’ve never been here when this happens, it is where we don’t set up a list or a show or a guest… we just hang out and talk, which, as this is the last official Something of the year, feels like it’s precisely what it should be.

So please, settle in and hang out with the Somethings for an hour, as we talk about the world we’re living in, the things we’re digging into, and what the plans are for the future.

Ok, here we go!

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