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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: Actors

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Look, you can’t like everyone. It’s just impossible. I’m sure there’s at least one person out there in the universe that throws darts at a picture of me. Hell, some see it as a sign of a life lived well. Now, that said, when it comes to movies and television, some actors just aren’t our thing, either.

So join us as The Wheel goes out of its way to make Rob and I be assured we will never get those cushy Hollywood jobs we have been vying for all these years.

Find out which actors we just aren’t about on The Wheel’s Bottom 5: Actors

Ok here we ewww,

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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: Casting Decisions

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Not every decision is a good one… just think of any strange flavor, because Japan has probably turned it into a Kit-Kat.

Well, the same goes for movies. Sometimes there is a choice in a film that just brings down the whole affair. The wrong actor at the wrong time or the right actor in the wrong film – sometimes you just don’t want Wasabi in your Chocolate Wafers.

So join the Somethings as they spin The Wheel and discuss their choices for the Bottom 5: Casting Decisions!

Ok, here they .. oh, one more thing! The Something Patreon is coming back, and the link will be up at the top of the page by next episode!

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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: CGI

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The Wheel has returned… and the narrative of the Wheel takes a new turn!  Get it? Nevermind…

Anyway, there are some new topics on the Wheel, and we have been hit with one of them.  You know how Rob and Hatton are always talking about their favorite things? Well, this week they are talking about the Bottom 5, the worst, the shameful, the hysterically bad, and the ‘wait what?’ in the realm of computer generated graphics and green screen in film.

So gather round and think back to all of those horrible aliens, blood splatters, and technological marvels that were clearly added in post, just like your hosts on BOTTOM 5: CGI

Ok, here we go!

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