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[5TH WHEEL] Creator Spotlight on Nick Haskins

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We get 5 weeks in April, that’s 20% better than your average month when it comes to Somethingcast episodes. So what do we do? We lug out the ol’ Wheel and spin to find out what we’re talking about.. and lo and behold this week we got Creator Spotlight – and who is the guest? Why none other than Nick Haskins, one of the originators of long-running podcast Epic Film Guys, twitch streamer over at Nikolai’s Kitchen, and podcasting yet again over at Two Peas On A Pod. 

And every one of those would be enough to celebrate Nick, but he also is the creator, host, and modern day Jerry Lewis of the Livestream For The Cure – a weekend of entertainment from podcasters with the goal to imagine a world without cancer. The Somethingcast has been honored to be part of the event the last few years and we can’t wait to do it again. So please, keep up with updates on the Livestream For The Cure: Facebook, Twitter, or donate directly to: livestreamforthecure.com

So settle in with a bunch of friends celebrating another on Creator Spotlight: Nick Haskins – And mark your calendar and hang out with us 05/29 – 06/01.

Okay here we go!

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[5TH WHEEL] Dreamcasting: X-Men

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For the first time in 2024 we have a 5 week month – and we’re taking another thing we did and putting it here so we don’t do it that much because we do one of those things a lot more.  Make sense? You don’t care, it’s fine.

So we have The Wheel out of mothballs and that means we are spinning it to a topic which leads us to the wacky world of Marvel Mutants. The X-Movies are coming, so who could play the first class of DizMar Mutants?  Well we’ll lay out our teams and you can go to all of our social media and tell us which one is right.

So join me, my X-Men as we go to the 5th Wheel: Dreamcasting X-Men


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[5th WHEEL] Lost Boys

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With the last Tuesday, a spooky 5th Tuesday, we interrupt our normal ‘Whatever the hell we do on the extra week’ and replace it with a NEW thing we do on the extra week, but we replace THAT with something that’s much more Halloweeny since this also is that day so really it’s sort of just an In Review week, but under a different name, but … ARE YOU SCARED?!

So let’s go to a small boardwalk town where kids are kids and they are thirsty … for blood….. and Chinese Food!

That’s right, we’re discussing your goth ex-girlfriend’s favorite movie, Lost Boys. Does it stand the test of time or is it just a Frog in Vamp clothing.

Find out on The Fifth Wheel – Not Really – In Review – Sorta – Halloweeny Lost Boys!

Ok, we’re confused!

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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: Actors

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Look, you can’t like everyone. It’s just impossible. I’m sure there’s at least one person out there in the universe that throws darts at a picture of me. Hell, some see it as a sign of a life lived well. Now, that said, when it comes to movies and television, some actors just aren’t our thing, either.

So join us as The Wheel goes out of its way to make Rob and I be assured we will never get those cushy Hollywood jobs we have been vying for all these years.

Find out which actors we just aren’t about on The Wheel’s Bottom 5: Actors

Ok here we ewww,

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[THE WHEEL] Elevator Pitch: Horror Movie (w. Vanessa Guerrero)

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The Wheel is back.  The Wheel? You ask. Yes, the completely real creation of Swedish technology that determines what we are doing on any given episode.

..and this time it brought a guest!

Imagine the Somethings each get just one chance to pitch something, while the top CEO with all of the big spending dollars is forced to listen to them. One of them will get bankrolled to have their idea go to market. The other.. well, the other got that free elevator ride.

This week’s CEO Mogul Du Jour is the fantabulous Vanessa Guerrero.  You may have seen her on G4, or know her from Game Grumps – or maybe you have checked out her podcast Popcorn & Pixels (and if not, you should!)

Who is going to the top floor? Only one way to find out…

Ok, here we girl from ipanima…

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The Wheel has brought us together again – and on this completely real wheel that spins and dictates our topic, what do we get this week?

Why, conveniently it follows in our X’iversary with us pitting two teams of the mightiest mutants against each other. That’s right, the Somethings are picking their X-TEAM and you get to decide who the winner is.

Will it be Hatton’s Big Brain Drama Factory? Or Rob’s Crunchy Family Throwdown?  These are not official names, but we will be optioning the movie rights.  Until then, settle in and pick which team you think X gon give it to on The Wheel: Vs. X-Men

Ok, here we go, bub.

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[THE WHEEL] Mysteries of the Somethingverse – Area 51

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Deep in the desert lay a few miles of land that have been home to countless secrets. Some we know… others we don’t. From alien landing pads to the home of the tech we have just not seen yet, this small patch of land in Nevada is the place where the Somethingverse Thrives… so join us as we go rave in the sand and Naruto run our way to The Wheel – Area 51

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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5 Songs

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Mmmm Bop, crappy songs ahh doo wop, a-zig-a-zig-ahhhh

We’ve done tons of favorite things. You guys are sick of the things we like, so how about the Wheel give us a little bit of loathing, huh? Shooting the big guns on our Bottom 5 songs. And let me tell you, we could do another 5.. easy.

Join us on The Wheel: Bottom 5.

Ok, here we eww….

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[THE WHEEL] Top 5 Discontinued Candies

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I’m guessing your first thought was, ‘What an odd topic…’ but I am guessing your second thought was, ‘I wonder if (insert candy) is mentioned…’ which is precisely what we want. That’s right, you are stuck in our fantastically Slugworthian trap and now you are obligated to find out if we put your strange childhood candy on the list.

You can’t fight it. You’ve already lost. Now settle in and enjoy THE WHEEL – TOP 5 DISCONTINUED CANDIES

Ok, here we goo! (this relates.. promise)

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[THE WHEEL] Job Shows

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The Wheel is back, and it’s got a job to do…

Ok, it doesn’t, that would be weird, it’s a Wheel. It has a job, and it does it well. We spin it, and it gives us the week’s topic.  The topic though, well that’s a different job entirely.  You see, if you have watched any television in the last twenty years, you have seen, at some point, a show about bakers or flower arrangers or glass blowers or taxis.  Doing your boring-ass day job probably has its own channel on Pluto, so what happens when the Somethings get to make their own?

It’s a brand new episode of The Wheel – Elevator Pitch

Ok, here we g…..are you ready to face 5 other chat format podcasts on… PodWars!

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