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Somethingcast 127 – The Batman Show

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Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Something!

We are the podcast that flaps in the night… we are the soothing sound of justice in your ears – and for our 5th week of October, we are taking to the Gotham skies and talking a little bit about a man that I’ve never seen in the same room as that weird Alfred the Butler guy that follows around Wayne… perhaps they are the same man?

Comics, Television, Video Games, and Movies – we talk down all things Bat and our favorites over the years.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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Episode 71 – Three-Year Anniversary @ Wildpig!

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Three Years Ago….

A former podcaster, writer, and internet weirdo Rev. James was lingering in a local watering hole when he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in years. The bombastic laughter of one Mr. Podcast Rob.

Considering the idea of getting back into the podcast game, over the course of the next few times hanging out, the idea became clear.

After a meeting of the minds (or whatever it is they have in their skulls) – The SomethingCast was born.

Well join us once again as we celebrate our leather anniversary. (Yeah, it’s leather.. look it up.. don’t make anything of it) We’re back at the Something’s home away from home, Wildpig Comics in Kenilworth, NJ with store owner Chris and manager Bill talking the last year of comickiness in front of a live audience.

Also a quick shoutout to friend and regular Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens who wasn’t able to make it – but we’ll make sure to get him back on the line soon to be smarter than us.

And to all of you who have supported us over the years – be you friend, family, fan, podcast – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Well – ok – here we go!

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Episode 23 – Comic Characters

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What do almost all comics have in common?  Art? Sure. Words? I guess. A mixed media artform? YES, FINE, THEY ALL HAVE LOTS IN COMMON.

The answer we were ACTUALLY going for, was characters!  Through the history of the form, there have been some memorable, and many less memorable ones – but on this episode of the SomethingCast, the boys are going to tell you their favorite characters of allllll tiiiiime.  From Speedball to Crazy Quilt… ok, fine, maybe characters a little more famous than that.

Also – make sure to listen as we reveal some of the details of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 

Ok here we go…

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PS – I want to give a shoutout to H2Awesome for providing us with our end theme today! Check them out here!