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[Something In Review] Super 8

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Just a lil story about a boy on his bike and the cute alien he keeps in the front basket…

…if by cute alien we meant horrifying kaiju – and by basket, we meant ‘from destroying the entire city’

It’s our Year 8 festivities yet again (hint: they’ll be going on all month) – so we are taking a favorite of Hatton’s and discussing whether it holds up – now or ever. So settle in, have a Slusho and dodge the incoming lens flare – it’s Super 8 on Something In Review…

Ok, here we go!

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Year 8: Favorite Movie Quotes

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♫ Happy Birthday to us… ♫
♫ Happy Something dear Something… ♫

That’s right – the Somethingcast has made it to Year 8, and with that comes a month of a little something we call: More Episodes

That’s right, we’re celebrating Year 8 in style with a theme this month.. you’ll figure it out.  That said, this week we went live on Twitch to party with a crew of folks and recorded it to become this week’s episode. We’re talking movie quotes, which is one of those topics that feels so remarkably part of who we are, it was a surprise we never actually broke down some of our favorites.  Not the world famous, but OUR favorite. 

So settle in and let us know what your favorite quotes are… we’re all ears – and cheers to Year 8!

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Year 7 Anniversary

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Every year, when we hit this month, we try and do something special.. we’ve had live shows, we’ve done big mass parties – well this year we have a lot in store for you – a special opener – a live show (which you can make sure you don’t miss the next one by heading to Twitch) – a new episode of DEM, and an episode.. ALL IN ONE!

So what do we talk about? Why the number 7 of course – and the many forms it takes. Our favorite 7’s, shaggy dog stories, Al Pacino, and a whole helluva lot more.

This is also our first official episode branded with our new Podcast Family – ACPN.

Last but not least, after the episode there is a list of thank you’s to so many of the people that have supported us the last few years, been guests, had us as guests, and have been a part of our journey. Thank you to each and every one of you.

So now – once again, for the 7th year – Ok, here we go!

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Episode 100 Party!

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NOTE: Please forgive the mistake in this episode… I think it makes it funnier, but I forgot to add in a critical sound-effect.  It’s always something, am I right?

This is it! We did it!

So what do we do.. we throw a party with two friends from the Inside Joke Outside Voice Network.

We got Rich from Married Marks and Eric from Two-Legged Tie and we just hang out and argue a bit.

What would you expect from us, really?

From ice cream flavors to top tv shows. It really is a party with a bunch of people who like to talk to each other.

Am I making you chomp at the bit for more?  Oh, you better be… because here we go!

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Episode 99 – Year Four, Expanded Universes

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Ok here we go… and go.. and go… and we are celebrating our Year 4.

Where in years gone by we have found our way to the fabulous Wildpig Comics, this year there just wasn’t a lot to discuss when it came to the comic universes.. so we decided to have an episode where we create our own.

So we got Bill Ellis, manager of Wildpig and longtime friend of the show and Jay Sandlinnew friend of the show and writer of Outbreak Mutiny, as well as a regular contributor to Buzzfeed! I’m also leaving a link here to this article, but you might want to wait til the end of the episode to click on it… trust us.

Let me (Hatton here) take a quick moment to say a thank you to every one of you that has listened over the years and has gotten us here. It is because of you folks that we do it and thanks for being there. As we crest our fourth year and our next episode is that big ol’ triple digit, it is stereotypical, but totally true, that without you, there would be no us. So thanks everyone.

Enough prattling – let’s get on with the show.

Ok, here we go!

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A SomethingCast Special Report!

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Do not adjust the horizontal.

Do not adjust the vertical.

The following is an STST Special Report.

Ok, actually that is a bit heavy for what it really is.  We figured since this is our one show off a year, we would still give you something to keep you remembering us, and we went and found something from over the summer that you didn’t hear.  It isn’t long. And it’s all explained in the file.  So thanks to Marcus over at Deadpan Fury, Wow Geezo and the Nyrdcast… you’ll understand why in a minute.

Happy Holidays from the Somethings.

(Not A) Full Episode

Episode 71 – Three-Year Anniversary @ Wildpig!

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Three Years Ago….

A former podcaster, writer, and internet weirdo Rev. James was lingering in a local watering hole when he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in years. The bombastic laughter of one Mr. Podcast Rob.

Considering the idea of getting back into the podcast game, over the course of the next few times hanging out, the idea became clear.

After a meeting of the minds (or whatever it is they have in their skulls) – The SomethingCast was born.

Well join us once again as we celebrate our leather anniversary. (Yeah, it’s leather.. look it up.. don’t make anything of it) We’re back at the Something’s home away from home, Wildpig Comics in Kenilworth, NJ with store owner Chris and manager Bill talking the last year of comickiness in front of a live audience.

Also a quick shoutout to friend and regular Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens who wasn’t able to make it – but we’ll make sure to get him back on the line soon to be smarter than us.

And to all of you who have supported us over the years – be you friend, family, fan, podcast – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Well – ok – here we go!

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Episode 36 – The Hatton Episode.. no, really.

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This episode started as was planned. The Somethings had a list, they were ready to riff on some stuff they knew about.. and lo and behold it all changed in one fail swoop.  One of the Somethings decided that he should blindside the other Something into an entire episode about .. well .. one of the Somethings.  Apparently, a webcomic’s 10 year anniversary was enough of a reason to go all James Lipton on what should have been a podcast about dragons.  FINE. THANK YOU.  I GUESS… Geez.

Anyway – yes, this podcast focuses mostly on the life and times of one James Hatton, webcomic creator, and all around nifty guy.  You like dots? This episode has TONS of em’.

…rassum frassum good friends don’t nice things …

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Episode 25 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 2 [Live!]

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WHERE WE LAST LEFT THE SOMETHINGS – They were hanging out at WildPigComics with guests, Owner Chris Eberle, Manager & Webcomicker Bill Ellis, and Hatton’s wifey Madison talking about the Marvel Movieverse!

They discussed all the things that happened before. Phase 1. What we know. What we’ve seen. What has been etched into our collective reptillian nerd brain.  But what of things to come?  What of Phase 2 and the completely mythical and rumor-milled Phase 3!?

Join us once again for the second part of our 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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Episode 24 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 1 [Live!]

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A little over a year ago – James Hatton, creator of webcomics and hoster of thingies ran into a friend of his years of doing RennFests.  They struck up conversations and Hatton remembered just how well they gelled and just how funny of a sumbich he was.  He went and offered the chance of a lifetime to one Podcast Rob.  A short time later, the SomethingSomethingCast was born.

Now where Hatton may have been the one that brought up the idea – since then, Rob has been a tour de force of making sure the show happens regularly, that creative ideas are always flowing – so Hatton may have started it up, but Rob has become the heart of it.

To celebrate this first year – the boys have gone to WildPigComics with an audience and a panel to discuss the Marvel Movie Universe!  The Past, Present & Future

Thank you all for listening – and we look forward to another year of.. uhm.. something.. err.. something..

NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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