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[THE END] The Walking Dead

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Whaddaya call a podcast bout a bunch of stuff?
I don’t know Dad, what?
SomethingSomethingcast, Carl…..  SOMETHIN SOMETHIN!

So it is the end of the world as we know it, and honestly nobody seems fine at all. There’s zombies, there’s drama, there’s baseball bats, and was the destination worth the journey or was it all just a set-up for some new journeys? We discuss the end of the iconic horror series The Walking Dead this week on The End!

Ok, here we go Carl…. HERE WE GO!

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There are few shows that hold the ranking of largest television audience of all time… well, honestly, unless it involves a President, the Moon, or football, there is only one show that holds that title. On every list ever of greatest television finales of all time, we are finally hitting the big’un in MASH.

Does it hold the test of time? Is it a show worthy of the largest viewing audience in history (and probably ever)? Is MASH still good or did it hold on til the war was long over?

Find out on The End – MASH






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[THE END] Happy Days

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These days are yours and mine, these Happy Days.

In the world of early 80s sitcoms, there was one king of cool.. Arthur Fonzarelli. As the Urkel of his day, the Fonz was a leather-clad dreamboat on one of the biggest and most memorable sitcoms of the day.  The problem is, it is also the sitcom that coined the term we use when a show stops being cool or interesting and leaps over the large sea-dwelling creature.

So, 6 years after the shark incident, did Happy Days find its footing again? Or was it good-bye blue skies, hello grey? Find out on The End: Happy Days

Ok here we rock around the clock,

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[THE END] The Greatest American Hero..ish

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What is the one thing you remember about Greatest American Hero?

Exactly, and we’re sorry that it is now stuck in your head. I can’t believe it myself.

Anyway, normally on the End, we discuss the last episode of a show.. but this is a special case, you see, as the last episode of ‘Greatest’ was in 1983, but this is from 1986.. and yet, it still counts. How? Oh, there is only one way to find out, but the secret word of the day is: ‘dames’.

It’s an End that isn’t an End, but is totally an End… Ok here we believe it or not, it’s just meeeee ♫

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[THE END] Moonlighting

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A love so strong, the show is mentioned amongst some of the greatest romantic television shows of all time. It also held the record for having one of the most comically long onscreen makeouts ever.

Does it hold the test of time? It’s a mystery that is probably left to be solved by a babyfaced Bruce Willis and a career relaunched Cybil Shephard in the romcom-meta of Moonlighting.

Ahead of its time or just a relic of its era.  You will only know on The End – Moonlighting!

Ok, here we go, Mr. Falcon!

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[THE END] The Tick

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The Tick is one of those weird moments in comic book history, like the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… taking what we know about superheroes and just making it weird.  So, how do they make it weirder? They make it a live action show on a low-budget and put the only man who looks like the cartoon in the role.

Does it hold up? It only got half a season on Fox which could mean it was amazing and Fox screwed up or horrible and.. well, Fox screwed up..

Find out as we dive into the oceanic trench of justice on the submarine that is: The End – Tick!

Ok, here we go, chum!

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[THE END] Westworld

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What started as a single season of television that people will probably rank as ‘one of the best’ for a long time. Twists. Brilliant acting choices. One of the coolest scores in tv. Robots. Cowboys. Robot Cowboys…. ends where?

Does it end in a satisfying place where the tethers that have been left from the first episodes are tied together in a bow and bring the whole of the arc to a satisfying conclusion? Does HBO give up on the show because the ratings have tanked? Does any of it make any sense at all? Is there any brilliance to pull from it at all?

These answers and more as the Somethings take on The End: Westworld

Ok, here we don’t see anything at all…

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[THE END] Stranger Things : Season 4

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First, they were nostalgia. Then, they were growing up. After that, they were figuring things out. Now… well, now it’s really just gone all to hell, hasn’t it?!

The kids of Hawkins have gone on another of their wacky adventures this past year and the Somethings weren’t going to miss out on a chance to get to talk about Vecna, the Hellfire Club, and whether or not this season’s finale did anything to motivate us towards seeing the end.

So, buckle in, we’re turning this one up to Eleven…. which is the funniest thing I’ll write all day. It’s time for THE END – STRANGER THINGS : SEASON 4!

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[THE END] Inhumans

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Yeah, so Marvel has had hit after hit. The Avengers, Daredevil, Mandolorian, Sandman, Teen Titans… all of the big hitters! Well, there was once a time where Marvel wanted to throw up the middle finger to some mutants and turn to the Moon for inspiration.

If this means absolutely nothing to you, then you clearly missed The Inhumans, a one season attempt to make an obscure part of the Marvel Universe more important.

Did it work? Was it the next Agents of Shield or was it an Iron Fist to the gut?

Find out now on THE END: INHUMANS

And if you would like a sample of what our new Patreon episodes are going to be like, you can get the Patreon version of this episode for free, right here!

Otherwise, ok here we Terragen Mist!

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[THE END] Carnivale

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Time to hitch the wagons, hit the dusty trail for the next town, the next ballyhoo, the next mark on the route.

That’s right, it’s time to lay on hands with the rest of the geeks as we settle down to discuss Carnivale. The HBO darling that ended too soon, but why? Was it rolling downhill towards a depression or was it a show that was just too far ahead of its time for people to be able to dig their teeth in… well, there is only one way to find out, and that is to keep your hands outta our poke, save it for the cake eaters, hang with the gazoonies on The End: Carnivale!

Ohhkay here we step right up step right up it’s time for the amazing half man half man… The Man Man!

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