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[Throwback] Free For All!

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It’s the last of the Throwback episodes before we are back on the mic and doing what we do in 2021.

Since December is a five Something month, we decided to give you another episode from the archives that features this very thing. We talk about the show from 2019, so you’ll see how much we wanted to do and how little we’ve, in fact, done.

Last time in the DeLorean, Marty… strap in and Happy New Year!

Ok, here we go!

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[Throwback] Christmas Party ’16

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Before we get to the episode itself, from the Somethings to you – we hope you have a safe and happy holiday, no matter where you are or how you spend it.

Now, since there is a very good chance you aren’t going to get to have your big blow-out Christmas Extravaganza, why not travel back in time with the Somethings to when we did just that live on the air. It is a lot less episode and a more like your group of friends hanging out at the end of the party, bloated with Nog and Cheer.

So come join the Something Christmas Party with MARCUS, ERIC, and TONY back from 2016.

Ok, here we GO HO HO!

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[Throwback] Christmas-ish Movies

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Happy Holidays Throwback month continues with an episode where we discuss movies that are… Christmas-ish. Sure, of course we all know about your Miracle on 34ths and your It’s a Wonderfuls, but everyone talks about those. We’re the Somethings – we need to take it a little bit further.

Also, if you are not the type that goes to websites anymore (who does that, anyway) – do us a favor and head to the site somethingcast.com and check out the new look for the website. More changes are coming, so keep coming back!

Ready for the jelly of the month club? Okay, here we go ho ho…

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[Throwback] Doctor Who/ Sherlock Christmas Special

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Remember back when the must-see event of any Christmas season was Doctor Who and Sherlock? We do, and we sometimes think back to those halcyon days of the early 2010s and remember fondly sitting around the hearth with our kin and arguing blitheringly about whether or not they were good.

That’s precisely what we do here, from Episode 59 where we hung out with Meredith Placko and Emma Fyffe and talked about the 2016 BBC specials.

So settle in, get your nog, and join us for some YuleTide Nitpicking, in the way only the Somethings could make charming…

Ok, here we Ho! Ho! Ho!

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[Throwback] Saturday Morning Cartoons!

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It’s December, which means the Somethings are taking the month to recharge, rebuild, and record. We’ll be back in 2021 with even more ‘Something!’

So this month, gather round and listen to the boys sound a lot younger talking about stuff from when they were even younger – a time before we even had a theme song!

It’s a Throwback to Episode 6 – Saturday Morning Cartoons…

Ok, here we go!

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