Famous Movie Cars

What’s going on all – the Somethings are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you get to be…

What it does mean is that we are diving into the bin of episodes you’ve never heard and popping out with something cool. The only reason I’m mentioning it is that this episode was recorded quite a bit ago. If you are wondering why we’re not social distancing – there’s your reason.

That said – it is going to drive by you at 1.21ghz – we are talking about the things in movies that are the unsung heroes.. the vehicles the heroes drive. From big muscle cars to tricked out sci-fi contraptions, we are about to talk about cars that get you from place A to place B in style or are so cool the whole movie is about them.

Get in, because we got smokeys on our tail!

Ok, here we go!

Full Episode

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