Episode 33 – Boardgames!

It’s a race, it’s a chase, hurry up and feed your face!

Ok, so that’s the best I can do to tie this episode to Thanksgiving.  The Somethings are coming to you with another nerd passion that has in recent years entered a golden age, board games!  Some folks stopped playing games when they were little kids, but guess what, those people are boring.  We’ve been rolling dice for a long time and we want to talk about some of our favorite old games, new games, and the universe of boardgaming that is close to our hearts.  So grab your Meeple, you’ll Boggle at the Monopoly we have! You Catan’t miss it!

Throughout the show we make mention of friends of the show, Quixotic Games and we wanted to point out their games in case you want to check them out:

From the Somethings to all of you – Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 thought on “Episode 33 – Boardgames!

  1. Hey, guys, thanks for the plugs!

    Some you didn’t mention that I loved growing up:
    Stratego, Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect Four, the Game of Life, Sorry!, and the game that didn’t need a rulebook because the rules were in the catchy commercial jingle, the lyrics to which I can still sing to this day.

    When you’re into Perfection, keep on your toes
    You have to be quick, ’cause here’s how it goes,
    Push the plunger down, set the timer,
    get the pieces in place, don’t be slow,
    in Perfection, you’ve gotta move out fast,
    or the pieces pop up before you put in the last,
    and that’s Perfection!

    Sometimes it bothers me that I remember stupid, useless trivia. This is not one of those times. Still love that song. 🙂

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