Episode 46 – Unfortunate Final Movies

Somethings like some bad cinema.  We’ve made it known and we don’t apologize for it.  We like enjoying some of the bad things that movies have done.  There are a few actors out there though that did a movie, or are in a movie, or there are cutscenes spliced in of them from other movies.. and it is their final bow. Never to grace the screen again, they are left with a final acting legacy that is questionable at best and down right laughably embarrassing at worst.

This week – the Somethings take a look at Unfortunate Final Movies.

OK, here we go!

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(Thanks to contest winner Josh for this week’s titlecard!)

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1 thought on “Episode 46 – Unfortunate Final Movies

  1. Both director Nelson Shin and story consultant Flint Dille have confirmed that, due to his failing health, Orson Welles had much difficulty recording all his dialogue for the film and all his recorded lines also included labored breathing and heavy wheezing. Shin considered all of Welles’ recorded lines to be unusable but decided to put the recordings through a voice synthesizer to give Welles’ voice a clearer, more ominous tone. According to Shin, Unicron’s on-screen voice is not the “true” Orson Welles but instead, an enhanced, synthesized version of his voice.

    Orson Welles died in 1985, sparking rumors that Leonard Nimoy took over and provided the voice for Unicron. However, Susan Blu (Arcee) has since confirmed that Welles completed the voice-over work before he died.

    Both of these are from IMDB, so take it for what it is.

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