June’s 5th Week Something Free-For-All!

Doesn’t it feel like we just had one of these?  Well, that’s because we did back in March… which, as far as the world is currently, could have been last week or yesterday. 

But that’s fine, because we’re back with another 5th Week Free-For-All – the ‘we didn’t plan for it’, ‘what’s going on with the boys’, ‘look, how much content do you expect from us a month, geez?’ episode where we just talk about the things we’ve been doing to keep from going insane inside of our thankfully, slowly disintigrating bubbles. 

So settle in as we talk about what we’re up to, watching, playing — and ..whoa.. actually interacting with living fleshbag humans!? 

Ok, yet again, here we go!

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Author: RevVoice