[BLOG] The Streaming Dead

Hey Somethings, PCR here.

So, I’ll admit, at the time of this writing, I have not yet finished Season 10 of The Walking Dead.  I don’t have cable, so everything I watch is through streaming, and I finally got around to starting S10 about a week ago.

Mind you, I’m not watching because I’m excited about it.. I’m watching it because, in poker terms, “I’m pot committed”.  While the show certainly feels different with Rick gone, I feel the show has been pretty boring since Terminus.  Sure Negan breathed some life (no ironic pun intended) into the show in Seasons 7 and 8, but for the most part, The show has been a wash/rinse/repeat cycle of

“They don’t trust us!”
“Well, we have to behave to make them trust us”
“Hey, they trust us, we can stay here!”
“Oh shit, we did something stupid and ruined it all, now we have to leave!”
“Hey… we found someplace!”
“…they don’t trust us…”
“…well, we have to make them trust us…”

I was never a huge Daryl fan.  King Ezikiel grew on me, and I like Carol.  Gary is a great character.  Gabriel has been interesting through the second half of S10, and Eugene has grown into his own man.  I will say, I LOVE Princess so far.. she brings a whole new “uhhh..wtf?” but, it feels like a crumb in a sea of blandness.  Even the Whisperers got lame this season.  Out of 20 episodes (out of 22 for the season) I’ve seen so far, there has been exactly 1 scene that made me sit up and go “No shit…” and two lines I enjoyed.  Oddly, all of them involved Negan.  The reveal of who Negan drops the head in the bag to caught me off guard for sure.  When the Whisperers were about to attack… uhh.. Hilltop?  Alexandria?  (I can’t tell them apart, and couldn’t honestly care less to) and Negan says “it’s time for folks to put on their shittin’ pants”.. well, I’ve started using that in unsavory situations.  His exchange with Daryl when Beta’s identity is revealed of “Holy shit, you know who that was?” “Yeah, nobody” made me literally laugh out loud…but the bright spots have been few and far between.

Daryl’s missing 5 years?  Don’t care.  Leah?  Nice to look at, but don’t need her story.  Maggie coming back?  Feels like a bone thrown to fans to have SOMEone ‘come back’ after her and then Rick left.

I don’t know what the last 2 episodes of Season 10 hold, and I don’t have much faith that the series will wrap itself up in a way that even a majority of fans will like at the end of Season 11… but I’ll watch when it comes out… just so I can say I finished it.

Author: Podcast Rob