[BLOG] State of the Pod by PCR

Hey Somethings, Podcast Rob here!

2022 is a Year of Milestones for us… July will mark 9 years of The Something Something ‘Cast, we hit over 50,000 downloads earlier this year, and by end of this year we’ll be at 350 episodes.  Hell, we even got a quick shoutout on G4TV!

That’s.  Nuts.

We NEVER would have guessed way back in 2013 when we started back in Hatton Studio 1.0 that we’d have gotten this far.  It’s all thanks to you.

This show has given us the opportunity to meet and become friends with some amazing people that we never would have gotten the chance to otherwise, and we will always be grateful for giving us your time to bend your ear with our personal brand of humor and stupidity.

We’ve always kept our show fluid in the respect that this isn’t the same type of show as what we started with back in 2013.  We’re always willing to change based on what people want to hear and what we think people will find entertaining.  Sometimes we guess right, other times we don’t.. it’s all part of the process.

Today, I’m asking you, our listeners.. what do YOU like to hear from us?

Random babbling?
Reviews of Movies?  New?  Old?
Video Game talk?
TV Dissertations?

We want to do more of what you want to hear, so please, don’t be shy and let us know at the following places!


Thanks for everything, and we can’t wait to do more!


Author: Podcast Rob