[BEST OF 2022] The Wheel: Bottom CGI

December is flying by, we’re already up to our favorite episode of The Wheel – and since Hatton can’t stop loving things that are subjectively wonderfully delightfully bad… he picked Bottom 5: CGI, enjoy!

What we said then:

The Wheel has returned… and the narrative of the Wheel takes a new turn!  Get it? Nevermind…

Anyway, there are some new topics on the Wheel, and we have been hit with one of them.  You know how Rob and Hatton are always talking about their favorite things? Well, this week they are talking about the Bottom 5, the worst, the shameful, the hysterically bad, and the ‘wait what?’ in the realm of computer generated graphics and green screen in film.

So gather round and think back to all of those horrible aliens, blood splatters, and technological marvels that were clearly added in post, just like your hosts on BOTTOM 5: CGI

Ok, here we go!

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Author: RevVoice