[RETROCAST] The End: Star Trek TOS

This is it – the end of the Retrocasts.  Thank you all for letting us sleep, and we will be back in 2023 with a bunch’a great stuff…

Here’s what we wrote then:

Podcasts… The Final Frontier..

It’s time for the first End of 2021, so we are going to the future to talk about one of the godfathers of modern sci-fi – Star Trek – and discussing its final episode. Will Kirk and the boys hold up the banner of Starfleet high and make us all feel comfortable with the future Roddenberry envisioned… or will they try and tell us women are amazing and gentle creatures prone to psychotic mood swings?

Find out on THE END: Star Trek ..but you probably already have it figured out.

Ok, here we boldly go..

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Author: RevVoice