Episode 65 – The Quest Reunion

The day has arrived.

The Somethings have arrived on the last Turnpike Exit before Everrealm!

Join a whole slew of The Quest Paladins, Performers, and Creative all thrilled to hear each other’s voice again – and let us eavesdrop and get in a few words along the way.

We want to once again thank everyone who helped make this episode happen, and as you will hear from the beginning of the episode, we did have some technical difficulties that we assume has a lot to do with the strain on Skype and a transcontinental internet connection.

Thanks everyone – Okay, here we go!

Full Episode

Thank you to all of our guests:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 65 – The Quest Reunion

  1. Wow!

    What an ambitious and amazing undertaking. Congrats on pulling it off, guys.

    I was wondering, before listening, whether credit for the awesomeness of the Paladins should go to the show’s writers, actors, and editors for bringing out the best in them, or instead to the casting directors for finding great people in the first place, and I think now that it most go to all of the above.

    If it felt to you two, at times during the show, like you were attempting to herd cats, you’ll be pleased to hear that this listener noticed less of that than he expected to, mostly because the conversation itself was so engaging and entertaining. I really appreciated the extra treats in the show, the voice-over and the virtual marks, and think the Everrealmers did, too, so kudos for all that as well.

    Never heard anything like this in a podcast before. Your daring has definitely paid off, and I look forward to the implementation of your next crazy idea, whatever that may be.

    Great show! Thanks for making it.

  2. Great work! They had a magical experience that fills our hearts with hope that there may be more to come.
    Thank you for pulling that together and now since you have the experience- can you get Leticia and Peter W and some of the others back again??

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