[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Christmas Twister

Tis the season!  And, by season, we obviously mean tornado season.. what other season could I have meant?!  You see due to global warming, there is a chance we are looking at out-of-nowhere tornadoes that can just hit the ground and send us packing.

So join us on this whirlwind of a holiday season and visit the harrowing journey of one family as a half dozen or so tornadoes seem to follow them where ever they go. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it better than bad, it’s good?  Don’t forget, you can watch this masterpiece first – here!

Find out with 1-Star Movie: Christmas Twister 

Before the episode though – just want to remind you all that we are heading in to our usual December Vacation – so get ready for twice as much Somethings with the Best of 2023!

But first – Ok here we blow!

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Author: RevVoice