[BLOG] April 2nd episode and the future of The Something Something ‘Cast

Hey there Somethings, PCR here!

So, hopefully by now, you’ve listened to our “Shows that Went Too Long” episode, and you might be saying to yourself, “Self, those wacky scamps ended their show with an April Fools joke on April SECOND!  Will their comedy genius never cease??”

Well, I am here to assure you dear listeners, it was not an April Fools joke.

“Look at their commitment to their craft!  Doubling down on a ‘day-later-joke’ FOUR DAYS LATER!”

It’s not a joke.

“Only someone making a joke like that would say so…”

It’s not a joke.

If you would have told us back in July of 2013 when we started this wacky journey in Casa de Hatton 1.0, sitting in his living room, using a direct input mic and one fed into an old mixing board with the 4th XLR cable we rummaged out of a box of cables because the first 3 went bad and a hum behind the audio track that we didn’t find out for at LEAST 10 episodes that it was picking up the fan from his printer that we would still be doing this show 11 years later… well.. honestly.. I don’t know what we would have thought….   but here we are.

It has been an absolute blast, and because of this show, we have met and spoken to people we otherwise never would have had the opportunity to.  We have been able to do things and go places we otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to, and that is something that can never be forgotten or taken away.

Our last episode will be July 30th, so there’s still plenty of Something to be had still.

That being said, James and I are entertainment whores, and we can’t NOT create things so… if I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d likely wager that you’ll run into us again down the road somewhere doing something else.

Until then…  enjoy the upcoming episodes.  Go back and catch up on our back catalogue.  Let us know your favorite episode or bit, and buckle up, cause we’ve still got plenty of great stuff coming along!


Author: Podcast Rob