[BLOG] The April 2nd Announcement, Future of Somethings (Hatton’s Version)

It seemed only right to also put in a post about the big talking point of the Somethingcast this month – the fact that we will be ending the show on our summer anniversary.

This show has outlasted multiple homes. At least one marriage. Much like when I was doing In His Likeness, it was my anchor. In one of my many move arounds, I was setting up my laptop in a friend’s house to make sure we could get shit up on the site. When you do something this regularly for this long, you build a lot of life around it, and for someone like me that would forget what day it was if I didn’t have the labeled underwear… that’s a good thing. (And in case you are wondering, I’m writing this on Hanes Moisture-wicking Cotton Blend Day.)

A lot in our lives have changed and a lot in the world of podcasting has changed, too. The fact that we lasted this long without turning into a True Crime podcast is astounding. (It would be called ‘Sleuttththhhzzzss’ – you know it would.

As the weeks go by, I’m sure we’ll talk more about how we came to the decision and reminisce like the maudlin old assholes we are, but I will say this – time after time, Rob and I would have these check-in moments. They probably started after year 3 or 4, where one of us would say ‘You still want to do this?’ and at first, I probably thought I was getting dumped – but as time wore on, it just became our annual vibe check. More than once one of us got ready to take a brief break from the show and honestly, those brief breaks ended up being near non-existent because the one that was taking some time came up with a great idea or decided they didn’t want the break in the first place.

Like Rob said in his post, we’re extraverted sluts for entertaining people. We may not be here in this exact spot, but I assure you there will be a spot you will be able to find one or both of us as we try a new or different kind of merrymaking. We need to. It’s in the blood. And that’s because the only reason we’ve ever done this show was because we love entertaining you.

Sound off in all of the places with your favorite Something moments or episodes. We would love to know when we made you laugh the hardest.

Til then, talk to you on Fruit of the Loom Red Picnic Checkers day.
– J

Author: RevVoice