9 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Halloween

  1. Note to the Note – We’re inches away from finalizing being able to upload to iTunes. Once that happens, well post “Ful Version” and “iTunes” links here and do away with the “parts” 🙂

  2. The woman who lived in my condo before me was wheelchair bound, and couldn’t give out candy, so I still rarely get trick or treaters. I feel bad, and would out a sign that read “hey, kids, come here, I have candy” but I don’t think that would work out to well either.

    There was a Halloween movie with a dumb name to, H20, which was supposed to be twenty years later.

  3. Any chance you guys could do a show on Vampire? I’ve heard P-cast Rob mention Malkavian Time a few times, and think this would be a blast.

  4. Two things:
    1) I had somehow avoided watching Scream 4. But now you’ve talked me into it. Damn you!!
    2) I had a piece of that massive Peanut Butter Cup that Rob proffered photographic evidence of, and I’m here to tell you that I felt there was too much peanut butter. IMHO the ratio of PB to chocolate was perfected in the standard size, and so I am more likely to each twice as much (by volume) RPC if I’m machine gunning the original size cups (and creating large piles of orange and brown landfill) than I would by teeing up the supersize cup.

    But man, that thing was impressive!! It’s mountainous, perfectly formed trademark chocolate ridge kinda demanded your attention –almost like it was leering at you from the plate. One really had to appreciate the engineering of a monstrosity like that… *shivers uncontrollably*

  5. Whoooo!!!!!! That was fun lol

    Hey Alt! DesignedFreedom/FreefallingChaos here! You told me to check your podcast out, so here I am! <3<3 You people are funny xD

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