Episode 8 – LOST

Take a bunch of people and put them in a situation where mysteries abound and their lives will forever be changed. That’s right – we’re taking on Hatton’s favorite show, Lost.

Will we get to the bottom of who the smoke monster is? Will we figure out what happened to Claire’s behbey? Do we even know what a behbey is?

Joined with guest Madison, it is the longest, densest, and most confusing cast we’ve done to date.

Also – let us know what you think of our new theme song!

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9 thoughts on “Episode 8 – LOST

  1. We’re big fans too – All due credits will be going up for its’ creator Chris “Swampfox” Straw will be going up soon.

    1. One of the issues we’re dealing with right now is having a consistent day. We have been regularly giving a new show every two weeks with no regular ‘THIS IS IT’ day. Our next show will be in two weeks featuring all sorts of Halloween shenanigans.

  2. Towz – We usually record Monday for a Mon/Tues release (and an utmost latest of Friday). Due to work sched we recorded on Sat this week and the editing took a bit long (sorry Rev). But yes, we’re working on a “set date” of release.

    Kib – I can’t thank you and Chris on enough forms of media, the theme song rocks! (I hum it all the time at work…)

  3. The younger sister in party of five is Lacey Chabert. She’s 31 now so I feel vaguely less weird agreeing: Hot. Look, I admit it: I burned a serious torch for Neve Campbell in 1994 so “Party of Five” was something I watched. I think I had to throw out her poster once I started dating my wife…

    … or did I? Hrm. Where would that be…

    JK it’s totally gone.

    I swear!!!

    –=Warning: On-topic segment alert!!=–
    Lost bugged me because there was a ton of great symbolism and build up, and then it just went sideways while the writers apparently attempted to decide realtime what the show was about. And then it was about what I thought it was about by episode 2. And in what must be a first, I was DISSAPOINTED in being ultimately right. So you know, mark the date… however many years ago that was.

    It’s pretty sweet to hear my song on your cast guys, thanks again for the opportunity!! Now I just have to get off my ass and do something about this whole social media thing…
    *turns on internet*
    *vaccuum tubes warm up*
    *starts twisting verniers*
    Any minute now…

    1. No shit she was the lil kid from Lost In Space. ..

      In other news – yes – I saw Lost In Space in the theater.

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