HC#2 – Rabbit Holes & Westworld Season 2

Happy Podcast Day! (That’s not a holiday.. it’s just a day where you get the podcast. There will be cake, though)

Hatton is here again with another journey into a new piece of fiction and a review of Westworld Season 2

If you haven’t jumped into the wild westy world, stick around to hear a fairy tale. He reads that first.  Then hang out as we discuss all the twists, the turns, the timelines, with Hatton as host! (That has two meanings here.)

Rob and I have started PILOT SEASON over at the SomethingCast Patreon. And you can help out Rob at his GoFundMe.

Also, this episode is being SIMULPOSTED at HattonStuff.com!

Ok, here we go!

Full Episode

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