Episode 122 – Hanging w. Kyle Hester

The Somethings are in the same studio for the first time in a long time. For such a momentous occasion, we have gotten ourselves a fantastic guest in the way of Kyle Hester.(@KyleDHester) Now,you might not be aware of Kyle, but you will be soon. With multiple movies on their way to your streaming and movie viewing world. Today, he is promoting Preacher Six (@PreacherSix), an action-creature-intense feast. Before you dive in to the episode, check out the trailer below, and help them wi0th their last round of crowdfunding to make their dream a reality!

We talk movies, sports, the hard journey of Hollywood, and Kyle helps us out with a new feature: Wheel vs. Wheel!

You ready? Check out all things Preacher Six.

Ok, here we go…

Full Episode

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