Episode 132 – Comics Watching Comics w/ Kevin Gootee

Do you enjoy comics? Do you enjoy the off-stage opinions of comics?

Well we have show friend Kevin Gootee (@KevinGootee) back talking about his Amazon Prime series, now in its 7th season, Comics Watching Comics. Featuring all new comics, all new critique, but even more funny. So Kevin hangs out with the Somethings and we talk not just comedy, but pop culture, movies, sports and more.

And when you’re done, go check out Season 7 on Amazon Prime

Also, please check out Livestream For The Cure on May 17th – 19th – great people with a great cause. We’ll be on Saturday, May 18th from 9:30pm-10pm, but we encourage you to check out all the great shows and segments streaming that weekend!

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