[ELEVATOR PITCH] The Next MCU Phase (w/ Tim Stevens)

We’re back in the Elevator and it wouldn’t be right to leave without visiting one of the greatest guests of Somethingcast history – the man whose guest appearances now achieves double digits. The comic guru, the writing wizard, the beef that is.. Tim ‘Ungajje’ Stevens.

Tim is here to judge what he thinks the best call is for the next phase of the MCU. Will it be those rascally mutants? Galactus? Shao Khan whining? It could be anything!

After you’re done with us here, make sure you go and check out all of Tim’s work and at his Linktree, or go and read his regular entertainment pieces over at TheSpool.net.

Thanks for being with us along the ride Tim, but now the hardest decision of your life, Elevator Pitch: The Next Phase of the MCU.

Okay here we go!

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Author: RevVoice