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Episode 119 – Classic Toys

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We roll down stairs, roll better in pairs,
We’ve come to hijack your brain…

Whether it’s a slinky or a log, the boys are back and they brought alllll their toys with them, and unlike that little shit Denny across the street who’s parents got him the knock-off Gobots that don’t actually transform into anything, we’ve come to share!

So what were the things that you fondly remember as the toys of your youth? The dolls, figures, projects, and games that you occasionally see on listicles and go, ‘AWW MAN, I HAD THOSE!’ and then find out that the piece you remember fondly sticking up your nose is now worth a cool grand in mint condition.

So be careful not to step on a Lego…
Ok, here we go!

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102 – Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

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After 3 big episodes in a row, the boys are hanging back for a little and catching their breath.

What that means is you get to dive into one from the secret archives of the Somethings, where you get all new material, we did the same amount of work, but we did it before now! It’s amazing. It’s like magic.

I’ll tell you that the above sentence has more magic in it than this movie.

There are a lot of classic Star Wars rips, but Starchaser might be the most forgotten.. not because it is obscure or bad or an obvious cash-in… it’s because it is all three.

We promise, you don’t need to see the movie to enjoy this episode. Hell, you’ll likely enjoy the movie more if you don’t watch it.


Ok, here we go!

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Episode 89 – Voltron w/ Afterbuzz TV

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Five creatures of great power, united for a common goal.

I, of course, am talking about the folks over at AfterbuzzTV.

The Somethings are joined by the whole of the giant robot forming cast of their review and report show for Voltron: Legendary Defender. We have Katie Cullen, Mark Donica, Megan Salinas, Somethingcast old friends Emma Fyffe, and via chatroom Alexis Torres.

It is a loud and raucous affair, just how we like it.

So everybody, get ready!

AND I’LL FORM…. THE… Uhm… ….the… somehing.. ..you know.. the .. top part thinky thingy.

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Episode 67 – The 80’s Defined

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It is time for you to be properly gagged with a spoon.

This week the Somethings have picked up a hitchhiker on our way through time – Cyannide from Little Geek Lost. She has joined us for a new episode style for the Somethings.. ok, only slightly new – but a new genre of topic any way. We’re going to take down the 80’s.

From scrunchies to monchichis – we are going to talk about the Differn’t Strokes we all had when it came to the 80’s.

Those are 80’s jokes. From music to fashion to Aqua Net and back around…

Prepare to be like.. hijacked.

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Episode 6 – Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Life is like a hurricane.. here at.. the SomethingSomethingCast!

Put on your feetie jammyjams, get a bowl of Sugar Explosivo Puffs and join James & Rob while they talk about the cartoons that molded them into the two slack-jawed podcasters you know and love.

Get on the cartoon train and let us know what your favorite is!

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