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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Livestream For The Cure: Movie to Video Game

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If you listen to us semi-regularly, you know that we were once again a part of the amazing Livestream For The Cure event this past month. With friend of the show and the Jerry Lewis of podcasting charity events, Nick Haskins at the helm, we once again go into the elevator and ask a man with a giant check if we could use it… for what?

Well, this week we are taking a video game franchise and turning it into a movie, or vice versa.

That’s not all you get in this episode, as afterwards we hang out with the Livestream crew and talk movies, Furiosa, a bit about the show ending, and just generally merrymake with our ‘For the Cure’ family.  We want to thank everyone involved and everyone that stuck around and donated during our time.

That said, the event is over, but there is never a bad time to donate and help to live in a world without cancer.

With that said, enjoy the show!  Ok, here we go…

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[5TH WHEEL] Creator Spotlight on Nick Haskins

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We get 5 weeks in April, that’s 20% better than your average month when it comes to Somethingcast episodes. So what do we do? We lug out the ol’ Wheel and spin to find out what we’re talking about.. and lo and behold this week we got Creator Spotlight – and who is the guest? Why none other than Nick Haskins, one of the originators of long-running podcast Epic Film Guys, twitch streamer over at Nikolai’s Kitchen, and podcasting yet again over at Two Peas On A Pod. 

And every one of those would be enough to celebrate Nick, but he also is the creator, host, and modern day Jerry Lewis of the Livestream For The Cure – a weekend of entertainment from podcasters with the goal to imagine a world without cancer. The Somethingcast has been honored to be part of the event the last few years and we can’t wait to do it again. So please, keep up with updates on the Livestream For The Cure: Facebook, Twitter, or donate directly to: livestreamforthecure.com

So settle in with a bunch of friends celebrating another on Creator Spotlight: Nick Haskins – And mark your calendar and hang out with us 05/29 – 06/01.

Okay here we go!

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Hatton vs Haskins – Movie Quote Trivia @ Livestream For The Cure

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On May 19that 9am, Livestream For The Cure kicked off with a goal to raise $20,000 for The Cancer Research Institute.

On May 20th, two behemoths met in the ring and duked out for supremacy. Who won? Who’s next?  You decide.

That’s right – with Rob as Quizmaster, Somethingcast’s Hatton took on the Maestro of Livestream for the Cure, Nicholas Haskins in movie quote trivia.

If you missed the stream, we thought you would enjoy hearing what happens as these two people play a brutal game of cinema chess … but before you think you know what’s going to happen, ask yourself – what if they weren’t facing each other?

Are you ready for this battle of wits? Well, at least you are…  but before we get the episode started, while this year’s goal was reached, the final tally hasn’t been taken yet. There is still time to bring the number even higher, and remember, all of the money goes to the Cancer Research Institute.  Click here to donate.

Ok, here we quote!

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Hanging w/ Nick Haskins

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Nick Haskins is a good dude. Do you know why?  Maybe it’s because you were a fan of his podcasting work… (Like, Epic Film Guys, perhaps…) or maybe it’s because you enjoy cooking with him on Twitch (At Nikoli’s Kitchen)

If you listen to us enough, you have most definitely heard his name as the Grandmaster and creator of Livestream for the Cure – where podcasters gather around the ol’ internet fire and fight to help fund a world without cancer. With that said, we got him on the line with us and we talk about podcasting and running a multi-day event, and what such an event could evolve into.  It’s a really great time with a really great human.

Ok, here we go!

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[The Wheel] Elevator Pitch: Movie Franchise Amusement Park Ride

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Last week, we were honored to be a part of Livestream For The Cure and if you weren’t there, you missed out on a helluva party.

That said, we wanted you to see our hour of the party and hopefully you’ll get in on the fun next year.

Joined, and judged by Nick of the Epic Film Guys, the Somethings are on an elevator, and we only have a few brief (..or not so brief..) moments with Mr. Anthony Michael UsementPark to sell him on our great idea that merges an oft ignored movie franchise and give it the big park treatment.  Roadhouse Bumper Cars? Karate Kid: The Crane Kick Dropper? It could be anything – and before we get to our floor, one of us will get to live our ‘big ride’ dreams…

BUT FIRST! – If you are looking to donate to help us live in a world without cancer – click here for the current donation page.

Now, settle in and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times – Ok, here we go!

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Livestream For The Cure – Nerd War!

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A couple of weeks ago, if you’ve been listening to the bumpers for the last two months – you would know we were given a slot on Livestream For The Cure. Four days of podcasts to donate money to The Cancer Research Institute.

During that hour Podcast Rob and Hatton discussed their ‘Hero vs Villain’ team – where each person got to add one monkey wrench…

We thought if you happened to have missed the stream, you shouldn’t miss the fun. So please, settle in and listen to the boys do good – and if you want to do good, you can head over to https://www.cancerresearch.org/ and make a donation.

Thanks to the Epic Film Guys for hosting this amazing event and we look forward to being a part of it again next year.

Ok, here we go!

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