[ELEVATOR PITCH] Reinvent the Zombie

The Somethings are in the elevator.. but this time, it’s creepy and it’s spooky.. altogether ookey. It does, in fact, yearn for our sweet sweet brain meats which is why this week’s Elevator Pitch challenge is to Reinvent the Zombie.

Now, who is our guest CEO with the big money zomb check?  Artist, creator, and long-time zombie enthusiast, Nick ‘Ghostfreehood’ DiFabbio. You may have seen Nick’s work on a multitude of webcomic projects, on the poster of your local indie show, at SuperArtFight, or at his homebase studio of CherryMothCake.com  where you can find posters, shirts, enamel pins, toys, and his card game Blade of the Badlands.

What will these new zombos want? Find out on Elevator Pitch: Reinvent the Zombie

Okay here we go….nads!

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Author: RevVoice