One comment on “Episode 55 – Horror Villain Battle Royale

  1. Ok. Here’s how my thoughts break it down. There are two clear divisions amongst the villians that are in this Battle Royale ™. The Clearly Supernatural, and the Clearly NOT Supernatural. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and Pinhead are the CS, while Norman Bates, Jigsaw, and Leatherface are the CNS. Sadly, as intelligent and manipulative as the CNS are, none of the them would be able to do more then annoy the CS. So, I will actually split it between the two.

    Agreeing with both P-Cast Rob and Jamie, Jigsaw is clearly the winner of the CNS. He would manipulate the circumstances so that Bates and Face both take care of each other, leaving him to stand tall.

    Now, with the CS, we (again) have two clear divisions between the four combatants. Freddy and Pinhead are able to manipulate Reality, while Jason and Myers and veritable forces of nature. So, lets start with those pairings.

    Jason v Myers. I will be very upfront and say that I am not a fan of the Halloween movies, so Myers has always been on the low end of my “Monster” scale. So, as they are fairly evenly matched in most aspects (looks aside), I will give it to Jason, only because he’s always been a fave.

    Freddy v Pinhead. And this is where I do the unthinkable. I am a HUGE fan of Freddy. I LOVE the Nightmare series, and think that he is fairly unbeatable (except for all the times he’s been beaten… shaddup). However, he has one glaring weakness that Pinhead does not have. For Freddy to be at full power, his opponent must be asleep and dreaming. I’m fairly certain, with my limited knowledge of Pinhead, that he doesn’t sleep/dream. So, with Freddy at limited power, and Pinhead at full… I must give the nod to Pinhead.

    Now, for the final throw down. Pinhead v Jason. I’m actually going to cheat here, and say that Pinhead finds Jason cute, and keeps him as a pet. Winner: Pinhead.

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