[BEST OF 2023] Audience Pops w/ Tim Stevens


Back with another Best of – we brought in Something Bestie, Tim ‘Ungajje’ Stevens, to discuss some of the moments in cinema that make you stand up and clap.

It’s a great one, enjoy…

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What is a ‘pop’?

In professional wrestling terms, it’s the moment the crowd goes nuts. Maybe they’re cheering – maybe they’re booing, but there is a moment in a movie where the audience is so emotionally invested they can’t help but be there.

We’re talking about those moments.. but not alone! We are joined by long time SomethingFriend, Tim Stevens. You may know Tim from his time writing for any number of fantastic websites about the world of comics and pop culture. These days you can find him on TheSpool.net as well as The Wealth of Geeks. He’s also one bad shut yo mouth.

You ready to laugh? Ready to cheer? Ready to catch the ball to win the big game? Prepared to listen to a podcast you can’t help, but scream at?

Ok, here we OOOOoooh!

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[BEST OF 2023] Bottom 5: Songs


Music fills our lives.. sadly, not all of it was created equal. The Somethings are heading into the deep end of the pool of ‘things we dislike’ as our next Best Of is Bottom 5: Songs…

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Mmmm Bop, crappy songs ahh doo wop, a-zig-a-zig-ahhhh

We’ve done tons of favorite things. You guys are sick of the things we like, so how about the Wheel give us a little bit of loathing, huh? Shooting the big guns on our Bottom 5 songs. And let me tell you, we could do another 5.. easy.

Join us on The Wheel: Bottom 5.

Ok, here we eww….

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[BEST OF 2023] Worst Accents in Movies


Ach! The Somethings have done their share of voices.. well, so have actors, and in some cases, we would prefer to listen to our own.  Enjoy the Somethings mocking bad movie accents in this weeks best of!


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And unlike the picture perfect Pacino accent that previous sentence was written in, sometimes a movie can pull you right out when someone’s accent doesn’t exactly match their character. Are they an American with a Brit twang? Are they Southern and sound like they came straight from the Civil War? Are they a Spaniard and yet somehow sound precisely like they don’t give a damn about any of the movies in this franchise?

Well, we’re about to take them to task.

Did you read that with a perfect patois? You should, as you join us on Worst Accents in Movies

O’ah kay, here we go, an’ nobody gets our lucky charms!

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The Somethings at PAX – The Interviews

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Surprise number two!  The Somethings went to PAX: UNPLUGGED and put on their best nerd swag and rolled dice for two days.  Well, along the way, we got a chance to do some interviews too!

As promised, here are our interviews with Vaikin Kansepts, Meredith Placko, and Gamey – and we thank them tremendously for the time they gave us in a place where every person is vying for their time.

One note – we are live in a convention hall, so the audio quality does dip at places. We’ve done our best to adjust accordingly, but we will keep that in mind for where ever our next adventure takes us, and we appreciate your understanding.

With that said – Happy Holidays Somethings, please settle in and enjoy PAX:Unplugged – The Interviews!

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[BEST OF 2023] Replaced Actors w/ Cthulu’s Prodigy


Not every movie is made equal, and some are made mighty unequal by the replacement of a key character.. we sat with friend Cthulu’s Prodigy and discussed.


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It has to be hard to make a sequel to a movie. Aside from trying to recapture the magic of the first one, you have to get this legion of performers to come back and find a perfect time where they aren’t working on other things… or, you know, you could just ditch em.

Actors are replaced in movies for a myriad of reasons, some tragic, some hysterical – so settle in as we discuss some of our favorite and least favorite replacements in film.  We’re not going alone though – we are thrilled to have Cthulu’s Prodigy from Blacker Than Black Times Infinity to talk the movie talk with us. Make sure to give them a listen and tell em the Somethings sent ya.

Ok, here we .. ok, well not ‘we’ since we had to replace both hosts .. go!

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The Somethings Go to PAX: Unplugged

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Oh, the Somethings actually went somewhere.. that’s right, they made their triumphant return to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia – why?

Because we’re a bunch of board game nerds, we take December off so we didn’t have to record anything. And yet, live in our hotel room, we did record something. Our tale of lines and games, interviews and fun, games and friends live from the convention center a few miles away from the home of Rocky Balboa.

So enjoy one of a couple surprises that are coming in the next few weeks – and please don’t mind the audio quality – as the Somethings hang out together, exhausted from walking miles through the board game haven that was PAX: Unplugged

Links mentioned in the episode:

Games Mentioned:

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[BEST OF 2023] Bottom 5: Actors


It’s Podcast Rob’s turn with a Best of, and this is the first (but not the last) visit to the Wheel. Isn’t it weird that we get the best content out of when we really dislike something?

See you next time!

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Look, you can’t like everyone. It’s just impossible. I’m sure there’s at least one person out there in the universe that throws darts at a picture of me. Hell, some see it as a sign of a life lived well. Now, that said, when it comes to movies and television, some actors just aren’t our thing, either.

So join us as The Wheel goes out of its way to make Rob and I be assured we will never get those cushy Hollywood jobs we have been vying for all these years.

Find out which actors we just aren’t about on The Wheel’s Bottom 5: Actors

Ok here we ewww,

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[BEST OF 2023] Sci-Fi 10 Year Anniversary


As is tradition, the Somethings are taking December off.  That does not mean you aren’t getting Something Eps.. in fact, you are getting twice the amount of Something as we go through and list off our favorite episodes of the year on Mondays and Fridays.

So settle in as we dive into some of the good times we had, and make sure you stick around for some surprises along the way.

Happy Holidays!

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We did it. We hit 10 Years.

A decade of Movies. Listicles. Bad impressions. Mysteries. Special Guests.

And yet somehow, in all of that, we’ve never talked directly about Science Fiction movies… like… what? How is that? It’s weird, isn’t it? Like it feels like a big miss. We looked through the episodes and – nope – no sci-fi.  So we did it. Seemed like a great way to celebrate ten years.

This episode is broken down a little different. Mostly because I included the Patreon stuff to let you all know that we are, for now, closing down the Patreon. We thank those that joined in on it, but to put our energies into other things, some of which you’ll hear during the show, we needed to trim somewhere.  Please note – if you are Patreon Member, your payment was cancelled for July, but we wanted to make sure you got to hear the ‘full unedit’ cut of the episode.

So, thank you all for being with us for these last ten years, and lets start the next 10 right.

Ready?  Well ok, here we go… to SPACE!

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[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Christmas Twister

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Tis the season!  And, by season, we obviously mean tornado season.. what other season could I have meant?!  You see due to global warming, there is a chance we are looking at out-of-nowhere tornadoes that can just hit the ground and send us packing.

So join us on this whirlwind of a holiday season and visit the harrowing journey of one family as a half dozen or so tornadoes seem to follow them where ever they go. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it better than bad, it’s good?  Don’t forget, you can watch this masterpiece first – here!

Find out with 1-Star Movie: Christmas Twister 

Before the episode though – just want to remind you all that we are heading in to our usual December Vacation – so get ready for twice as much Somethings with the Best of 2023!

But first – Ok here we blow!

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[BLOG] PCR has some reminders for today!

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Hey Somethings!  PCR here…

Now that we’ve made it through “The Day of Gorging” and are now into “The Day of Madness”, a few reminders for those out braving the Black Friday deals and such at your local stores…

  1. Retail employees and Servers do NOT set the prices.
  2. Retail employees and Servers do NOT control inventory levels.
  3. Retail employees and Servers can NOT control how quickly others before you do or do not interact with things.
  4. Retail employees and Servers would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to treat you how you treat them.. especially if you’re treating them like shit… but they can’t.  YOU have that choice to be kind or not.
  5. Most (if not all) Retail employees and Servers absolutely loath today, basically because of the types of people they’re afraid they’ll encounter.  Don’t be one of those people.

Regardless of where you are…  your electronics or hobby store, the drive-thru of Jack-In-The-Box, a home improvement store, a swank sit-down restaurant…  remember, the people taking care of you are just that..   PEOPLE… and they deserve respect and compassion.   Don’t be the asshole they tell stories about in the breakroom.