Episode 43 – Guilty Pleasure TV

How many times have you found yourself, maybe late at night, flipping through channels and you end up on a show you would never really admit that you watched?  Now how many of those shows have you gone back for seconds on?  Nobody in the SomethingStudio is going to judge that you know the price of everything down the meat aisle because you’ve watched Supermarket Sweep.  We can’t mock you because you have invested a notable portion of your life to seeing every episode of Cleopatra 2525.

Why?  Because we have lists just like that.

So join us won’t you and discover a wonderful world of what the Somethings do when nobody’s looking… WE MEAN TV, WEIRDOS!

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Author: RevVoice

1 thought on “Episode 43 – Guilty Pleasure TV

  1. Just so it’s said… Cleopatra 2525, while a great reference, can’t hold a candle to LEXX…

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