Episode 44 – One Hit Wonders

We all love music.. at least the Somethings do – and for every band that goes on to sell multigazillion records, there are bands that have one song, sell some records – and fade into the oblivion.  Now, you might go ‘But I know every song that Chumbawumba did, and they’re good dammit’ – you might be right, but sadly the rest of the world thinks they lived and died with Tubthumping. (fyi: Chumbawumba rules)

So this week – The Somethings are taking on – ONE. HIT. WONDERS. OOooooooooh!

Also – we would like to announce the winner of the SOMETHINGCONTEST – And that goes to the guy who entered every week and kicked some ass at making us laugh.  That is Joshua Ungerleider who will be receiving SomethingSwag from us.  Please drop us a line Josh, somethingsomethingcast@gmail.com

Please everybody congratulate and mock Josh mercilessly in the comments.  More games are to come!  Also, thank you to CS for this week’s graphic entry for the show!

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