[THE END] WKRP In Cincinnati

♫ Baby – have you ever wondered?  Wondered whatever became of me? 

I’m working on my podcast in NJ – ♫ and the rest of it really takes some effort to fit the rhyme scheme.

… ♫ something something c-a-s-teeeeee…. ♫ (It’s not that hard – PCR)

It’s Thanksgiving time, and there aren’t a lot of famous Thanksgiving shows, but one comes to mind. To that, we decided to take that show, watch its last episode and see if it sticks the test of time as well as the infamous Turkey Drop.  So do the gang at WKRP end their run with a cheer or a whimper?  Well, this is where you find out, on THE END: WKRP.

And from us to you – from our family to yours – we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Ok, here we radio!

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Author: RevVoice