Episode 52 – The Library Bards!

Welcome back Somethings.. or perhaps you are new to this whole thing.  Thanks for showing up.

What originally started out as a show about reality shows has spiraled into SomethingMadness by gettingthe fantastic opportunity to spend some time with The Library Bards!

Who are they intrepid Something Listeners?  Well they are the nerdy singing duo of Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret!  How do they relate to reality shows?  Well Xander was on Season 2 of the TBS show King of the Nerds and Bonnie was on the first season of The Quest.  Do you see how this went?  No? Not yet? Fine. We explain it better during the show.

We want to thank the Bards for taking time out of their convention schedule to hang online with us and we look forward to everything they do next.

For more on them, you can find them on: YOUTUBE!, TWITTER!, FACEBOOK!, and of course ITUNES!

Ok – here we go!

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