We are winding down our Retrocast Party, but we have this one and one more… and they are some doozies!  First off, Rob has chosen an episode where we tried something a little different, stick around though, the second half of the episode reveals all. It is a favorite for everyone except for those that have never seen the curvature of the globe… it’s Flat Earth, from April 30th 2019.

Our original post:
In the last month or two a documentary came out talking about one of the strangest theories of the last couple decades.. is it a sign that perhaps we were wrong about the make up of our universe or is it the inevitable problem of what happens when everybody finds a friend on the internet?

Well, join Podcast Rob and Hatton on Episode 134as they deep dive into the documentary Behind The Curve, available on Netflix, which discusses the possibility that this planet we all know and love (planet here meaning a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star.)

Two other notes – first, the end song of today’s show is “Turtles All The Way Down” by New Jersey legends A Halo Called Fred. You can find the whole song right here. And their YouTube Channel right here! Thanks for the assist, you crazy kids!

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