We did it! We got through December, and even as you read this, Rob and I are getting ready for 2022 episodes… so as we say good-bye to this year that was, overall, a year that occurred – let me just throw a couple of things out there. 
1 – Thank you to each and every one of you that have joined us on our podcasting journey
2 – Thank you Rob for keeping me on track in all things Something. 

Now, let’s get to my last retroepisode, which isn’t too Retro, but I couldn’t do a list of my favorite episodes without revisiting the little ball of hate that this episode brought to life. It is the Review of ‘Cecil Hotel’ a Netflix documentary that .. well.. it spawned some opinions.  From March 9th, 2021 – The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, enjoy!

Our original post:
Do you dig murder?  I mean… not like that… but do you find yourself mindlessly addicted to documentaries about the horrible things that horrible people do to people?

Yeah, look, we all do. That said, there is a new one on Netflix, but the results aren’t precisely what you think they are. The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel takes a police procedural documentary and turns it on its ear with the focus moving from the important facts of the case and sliding on over to an entirely different topic.  

Is it good? Is it worth it? We have opinions…. oh boy, do we. And once you are done, be certain to check out Hatton’s article on Vocal.Media

Okaaaay here we go!

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