Snopes 2021

DIDJA MISS US?  We missed you – but most of all, we realized in our Retrocast journey how much we missed looking at some of the silliness that has gone out on the internet waves over the last year and wanted to talk about them. 

Did you know if you click through these 45 pages, you can find the mysterious answer to a question after a thousand short and unnecessary sentences that don’t actually add to the whole of the story at all and are just a giant run on to get you to click to the end of the story? 

Yeah, that’s a thing…  but that’s not what we do – we are talking some of the biggest stories of Snopes for the last year, and the debunks you have to share with your Aunt who believes her Alexa Funtendo has cancelled her episodes of the Home Shopping Network she saved on her DVD Toaster to upload later.

Ready? Oh, we sure as hell are…. Ok, here we go, again!

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Author: RevVoice