Episode 90 – Iron Fist

As has become a tradition of the Somethingcast, we watch a lot of Netflix.

That’s not the tradition.. it’s a fact.. but it isn’t the tradition I’m speaking of.  I’m talking about when a new Marvel show appears on our queue, we call on the one and only @Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens. If you aren’t aware of Tim’s work at Marvel.com, just go.. we’ll wait.

But for a show like Iron Fist where there is so much to unpack, we needed someone to balance out our chi when it came to the martial arts featured in the show, so we also called in @KungFuDriveIn, himself, Jeof Vita. If you aren’t aware of Jeof’s podcast, Kung-Fu Drive-In, just go.. we’ll wait.

The four of us have been chosen to Defend you from what is to come next… unless you already watched Iron Fist. Then you’re beyond our help.

So spoilers abound, but no matter what… ok, here we go!

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